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  1. Also if you want to respond and probably get a response more quickly then respond to my twitter account CoachA523.
  2. I am helping organize a post Christmas tourney at Chipola College in Marianna, Fl. 1 hour from the beach. Great facility. 5 rooms, 3 games in 3 days. Great atmosphere. Please let me know if you are interested and I will get you the contact information.
  3. I know this used to be a very solid job, is it still a good job? Support, admin, etc...?
  4. We have 1 opening for our tourney/shootout at Chipola College in Marianna, Fl. (1 hour from the beach) Dec. 28-30th. We can provide 5 rooms for 3 nights. Please let me know if you have any interest either on here or on my twitter CoachA523. Quality games in a beautiful facility.
  5. Anyone know if there will be a teaching slot with this position? I know Coach Chalk had already retired from teaching previously.
  6. If anyone is interested in playing a post Christmas tourney/shootout in Florida at a college facility please let me know. We are playing in it and I am helping gather teams for the event. I used to run a very similar event at the same site.
  7. That is great news. Hopefully that ends up being how it goes. Thanks for the info. Some good news is what we or at least I have needed for awhile now.
  8. Why do a nationwide search if you are going to hire a shocker, as what I am inferring is not someone who many thought might get it???
  9. The top 10 were as follows, and Maxpreps had their own way of giving points in these ratings. 1. Trinity 2. Ballard 3. Covington Catholic Tie 3. Scott County 5. Bowling Green 6. Henry Clay 7. Lexington Catholic 8. Madison Central 9. Newport Central Catholic 10. Bullitt East with the next 5 being: Oldham County, Dunbar, Christian County, Fern Creek & Warren Central
  10. Just from reading the above paragraph I am not sure why someone would leave Seneca to go to Manual. I am way on the outside looking in though. Just wondering. Thanks!
  11. I've been a full fledged paying member of NFHS Network (used to be play on sports) for probably over 10 years now and there have been very little if any improvements since I first started as a member. It is really ridiculous, but as a coach I almost have to subscribe to scout and/or study to get better as they carry more games than all of the rest of the online services combined.
  12. I actually saw a game online with Trinity and you are very correct, they did not look near to the standard of what they've been for year, but then again it is the summer and most likely were missing guys. I know we played the whole summer here in Fl. and never played with our whole team, not 1 game.
  13. I guess I didn't realize Cov Cath had that great of a summer. Don't get me wrong I think as highly of Coach Ruthsatz as most any coach in the game and I know he has built a "program" that will be competitive most every year. Good stuff so far. Thanks guys!
  14. Was wondering who might be considered for this? From what I read this summer it seems that deservedly so Male will be almost a consensus number 1. Where do the normal contenders fall (Trinity, Ballard, Cov. Cath, etc...) Just trying to get some discussion going.
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