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  1. Could make the argument that both kids had right to the ball but, I agree, that one would be called on defense most of the time
  2. IMO, Ballard has had the best team several times (2010, 2013, 2021) and hasn't gotten it done.
  3. Coaching I would guess. They were up double figures on Madison Central late in 2013 championship and kept shooting the ball and ended up losing- mind boggling!
  4. Agree but they have been to Sweet Sixteen multiple times with the best team under Renner and have only one title to show for it. Whether that is "anti-Louisville referee bias" or something else it is an enigma.
  5. I can't disagree. No offense to kids on team but there are no players close to the Josh Sewell, Ray Spaulding, Jay Scrubb or David Johnson level. 2012 team had 3-4 D1 level kids, 2015 had 4-5 and 2018 had at least three. Hard to win in the 7th region without that level players.
  6. Trinity ended up having a solid year Three points in 2nd quarter doomed them tonight. Ballard with too much talent! Sisk kid will be a major talent
  7. It's the same as always. If T handles the press and does not get abused on defensive glass then they can win but then the X factor will be how well Sisk and Hayden are hitting from 3. We will find out soon enough!
  8. Have to think Ballard would be favored in this one. However, if Trinity can keep the turnovers down and hold even on the boards, they can win
  9. Agree. And both games were close at the end and X pulled them out. I would be surprised if X wins again.
  10. This Trinity team starting to play very well Gave up a big 4th quarter lead and showed guts to hang on at end of regulation Will be a tough out come regional time!
  11. I'm not sure what you want to do on offense?? I would bet, without seeing X play, that none of the guards can consistently beat their man off the dribble to create offense so screening, cutting, and ball movement would appear to be the best way to get shooters open and score. The reality is X just doesn't have many elite level basketball players so they cannot compete with top teams and they really haven't been able to for the past decade.
  12. Surprising as I thought St X guards have been playing well this season?
  13. Gabe Sisk and Jack Edelen at Ballard are both excellent guards. Kaleb Glenn is the best in class of 2023 from Louisville IMO.
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