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  1. Two state titles. Five sweet sixteens coming out of one of the hardest regions. Ranked #1 at some time during the season multiple years from 2010- 2019. Who else should be in the discussion?
  2. I just think Tyren Moore kid will find a way for Male to win. Really like his moxie on the court!
  3. Agree, experience and maturity make the difference in this one for Male.
  4. My concern is that none of the current crop appear to be impact D1 level players (David Johnson, Jay Scrubb, Nathan Dieudonne, Ray Spaulding, Josh Sewell ) that they have had over the past ten years. It seems to consistently stay in top five of state and be in discussion for state championships yearly, that type of player is not mandatory but very helpful.
  5. I would be surprised if Trinity doesn't come out with revenge on their minds and it seems that ever since the first game the teams have been trending in opposite directions.
  6. IMO, I think there is a chance, if they can get past X, that they could beat Male or Ballard However, unless one of those two get upset, I just don't think they have the horses to beat both.
  7. I would imagine Trinity would be fired up to get another chance at X after the beatdown they took in January
  8. Trinity by all accounts has two upset wins to capture district. Hats off to kids and Coach Szabo for stepping up when it counts!
  9. Waggener just beat them by 17 two weeks ago. Could be trouble for Trinity to keep streak of, I believe, 12 straight regionals alive!
  10. I think the powers to be sometimes, in an effort to streamline things, don't realize they are ruining the experience for the kids!
  11. As a parent of former divers, I think it is a crime that they moved diving finals out of the middle of the state final and put it on its own day. In my opinion, that ruins the event for the divers and disenfranchises them from their teammates!
  12. The Glenn kid, who is a freshman at Male, could be a major D1 prospect if he continues to develop! From what I saw, probabaly aren't many in the state better than him right now!
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