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  1. With X's big win and T losing to Seneca looks like the catholic schools are trending in opposite directions since their matchup a few weeks ago.
  2. I think there is a happy medium where you can still stress the defensive fundamentals but allow more freedom on offense.
  3. I think one of these three you mentioned Ballard, Male, or Trinity win the region. Manual, if they get everyone healthy, has a chance to throw a wrench in equation.
  4. Klein has really not done much at X in over ten years. Almost won the region one time with the McKim kid several years ago but otherwise they have really never been in the discussion.
  5. If I'm reading correctly the Greeneville TN team was 5-6 on the season before this with some double-digit losses. I would consider that a bad loss for Trinity.
  6. Hard to say. Most impressive thing about Beatty was that in 20 years he only lost one time in post season when he was favored, and he won multiple state championships as an underdog. His accomplishments will never be matched again, IMO.
  7. T fans are just going to have to get used to the fact that Beatty is gone and it will never be that good again.
  8. Have to agree with NFL tanker. There have been multiple baffling offensive calls in past few games, wasted time outs in many games, and blown opportunities in the red zone. Not vintage T coaching by any means.
  9. The guy just flushed his legacy of over 25 years of quality sports reporting down the drain.
  10. I'm thinking either Male, GRC and Cov Cath will be the winner After watching 7th region final, Kevin Glenn is probably the best player in the tourney and yes, I have seen Chapman play in person. Cannot speak on the Cov Cath kids as I have not seen them.
  11. No question he had a great career but with the talent he has had you have to wonder if he should have won more titles?
  12. Unfortunately, based on the results of the Doss- Trinity game tonight both Trinity and X appear to be mid-level 7th region at best.
  13. I thought this Ballard team was special but I think the style they play will always make them susceptible to being upset by a team that can handle their pressure. If they can't turn you over, they don't seem to know how to adjust.
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