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  1. I'm thinking either Male, GRC and Cov Cath will be the winner After watching 7th region final, Kevin Glenn is probably the best player in the tourney and yes, I have seen Chapman play in person. Cannot speak on the Cov Cath kids as I have not seen them.
  2. No question he had a great career but with the talent he has had you have to wonder if he should have won more titles?
  3. Unfortunately, based on the results of the Doss- Trinity game tonight both Trinity and X appear to be mid-level 7th region at best.
  4. I thought this Ballard team was special but I think the style they play will always make them susceptible to being upset by a team that can handle their pressure. If they can't turn you over, they don't seem to know how to adjust.
  5. Nice win. Bardstown beat them at Trinity by over 10 earlier in the season
  6. Historically, the top player (based on reputation) wins the award if he plays well and Sheppard did. Tournament directors want publicity for their tourney and having the well known UK recruit as MVP looks better to the casual BBall fan than Ipsaro , who no one outside of Northern KY knows. Just my opinion on why it happened that way.
  7. I'm afraid this may be a long year. The team is very young with no seniors and they just don't appear to have a lot of size or top end talent, with the exception of maybe Cam McClain. Should be competitive with most just because of the fact they always play tough defense but I would be surprised if they get back this year to the top 10 level of the 2010-2019 Trinity teams.
  8. Agree, it appears to be Ballard's to lose this year but historically they have had trouble finishing with Renner at the reigns. As always, will be fun to see what transpires!
  9. That's great but they do they have the makings of a team that has any chance to compete for the region this year?? Klein has been there for over ten years and besides the team with the McKim kid several years ago they have never really been any threat
  10. With Male loss and this big win against a team with a high D1 player, Ballard looks to be the class of state.
  11. Congrats to Coach Haywood and Belfry! I have had the chance to meet him on several occasions and he is a true Gentleman. Isaac Dixon can help some college team- I hope he gets the chance. The most amazing thing about Belfry is that they tell you exactly what they are going to do and do it anyway. Zero passes in a game😳
  12. I have to agree with this statement! This is the second time in the past three years that Male entered the final as a clear favorite (nobody was going to touch the 2020Trinity team) and have not been able to get it done despite superior talent
  13. Great first win for Coach Cobb! Had to be difficult to keep the kids focus after the difficult start but he did and they knock off the best team they have played all season. Continue to improve and they will be a tough out come playoff time.
  14. Very impressive result by X with all the missing players. If the Carter kid gets back and they stay healthy, I would place Male at 1 and X would be 1A
  15. I think most in the T community knew this would be a tough year with the loss of 21 starting seniors and senior and junior classes that were not felt to be strong based on results at the Frosh and JV levels. Compound that with a tough out of state schedule and this is what could happen. I predicted 3-7 regular season before the season started with a chance, if the young kids developed, to still be a threat when it counts.
  16. I was at game and my concern is that Trinity lineman looked really small compared to past years teams. I'm afraid they will wear down during games against the probable huge size difference they will face on the lines most of the season.
  17. Could make the argument that both kids had right to the ball but, I agree, that one would be called on defense most of the time
  18. IMO, Ballard has had the best team several times (2010, 2013, 2021) and hasn't gotten it done.
  19. Coaching I would guess. They were up double figures on Madison Central late in 2013 championship and kept shooting the ball and ended up losing- mind boggling!
  20. Agree but they have been to Sweet Sixteen multiple times with the best team under Renner and have only one title to show for it. Whether that is "anti-Louisville referee bias" or something else it is an enigma.
  21. I can't disagree. No offense to kids on team but there are no players close to the Josh Sewell, Ray Spaulding, Jay Scrubb or David Johnson level. 2012 team had 3-4 D1 level kids, 2015 had 4-5 and 2018 had at least three. Hard to win in the 7th region without that level players.
  22. Trinity ended up having a solid year Three points in 2nd quarter doomed them tonight. Ballard with too much talent! Sisk kid will be a major talent
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