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  1. Most of these posts say Ryle looked decent and CovCath did not. Wasn’t the score 37-0? What am I missing?
  2. Yes but he didn’t have Aiden as a Sr, AJ Mayer as a Sr, Walter as a Sr, Fredrick and Nowak as Sr or Michael Mayer. I’d say that’s a big difference as those guys definitely got a LOT better from last year.
  3. AJ Mayer and the football Colonels were undefeated. I may be wrong but I think all 4 basketball losses this year occurred when he was out. AJ never lost a game he played in his senior year. If I am right, that’s special
  4. Game got close and it looked like to me the Colonels saw that Kitchens really has a hard time going to his left. They were literally guarding him two feet to his right. They forced him to go to his left and he struggled from then on. Missed shots and turnovers and next thing you know 20 point lead.
  5. Meant bus fare but edit function doesn't work. Good luck to both teams. Hope its a barn burner.
  6. I'm predicting the Bat Boy brings a twenty and may not have bus fair for the ride home! Really like both coaches, gotta go for the 34th district though.
  7. Then why are there 6 pages in this thread? Coulda posted this first and saved all the aggravation!
  8. Last time I talked to him, his rankings are not subjective. He uses a mathematical formula. Don't blame him, blame the computers!
  9. Looks like they spelled her name wrong on the jersey.
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