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  1. Congrats Tommy! Keep shooting....get in the gym tomorrow. Best of luck in off-season and your final year. Go for 100!
  2. I was stuck next to NCC student section and they were LOUD!! Lol Both cheering sections were great. Perfect atmosphere for HS Hoops.
  3. Breds did have luck on their side especially the Pangallo bank in 3 from the top of the key. Luken's big 3rd qtr was the difference. Both teams did leave it on the floor. Congrats to the Birds Seniors and best of luck to them in the future. Tyler Gulley was a beast tonight for the Birds. Huge game, blocking shots, scoring and a big baseline dunk early in the game to get the crowd rocking. Sisson had huge game as well. He is a top player in the Region. Vinson was big in 4th Qtr with 2 FT's made in hostile environment late and a huge corner 3. Schoellman also had a nice ballgame drilling a few treys.
  4. Final Huge crowd and exciting game. Birds had ball with 10 sec left down 2 and played it out having to settle for a 34 footer by Starkey that was short.
  5. Starkey attacks and scores quickly. Timeout NCC 60 Birds 59
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