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  1. Looks like Coach Belcher resigned. The job is posted on the Boone County Schools jobs board.
  2. The third largest district in the state is going to online learning from March 16 to April 20 so I would say it is definitely coming.
  3. Governor Dewine just tweeted out all schools (private, public, & charter) will be closed for 3 weeks. It is now official.
  4. Last I heard is that Ms. Scherr will not be playing today due to her ankle sprain.
  5. I am honestly tired of hearing about it. I understand that it has caused deaths but almost all of those people were either elderly, immunocompromised, or some kind of underlying health issue. If you do not freak out about the flu, I do not understand why you would freak out about this. The economic ramifications are a whole other ball of wax however.
  6. Wife and I got a variety pack to try them. Mango isn't terrible. Stay away from Strawberry. It was by far the worst of the flavors.
  7. When the NFL orginally made a change to 12 playoff teams there were 28 teams in the league. Now there are 32, so moving to 14 isn't a big deal to me. 12/28=42.8% of teams make the playoffs 14/32=43.75% of teams make the playoffs
  8. I’ll still play whenever you guys put together a group
  9. I enjoyed the games yesterday. I really like the kickoff and extra point rules.
  10. Congratulations to Maddie Scherr on this great accomplishment!!!
  11. I play on Draft King’s too. I would be in as well.
  12. This had been recommended for me to read for a long time and just finished the other day. Loved it. Really gets you thinking about money a little differently.
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