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  1. Thanks for your support, my love. The Hounds' fans are happy to have you supporting us.
  2. I've watched these teams play ball all season and I still have no idea how to predict this one. The team that is best able to control its emotions may have the upper hand.
  3. I've had that happen. Went to Charleston, WV once to see a Starship concert. Finally found a parking spot about a mile away. After the show, got totally lost and forgot where I parked. Finally, found it after about an hour of looking but it was pretty frightening walking around those strange streets in a very lonesome and scary looking part of town.
  4. I would have rather have met you and Goldie to have seen the game. Maybe another time. It's so hard for me to get away this time of year.
  5. Holy Cow ... Here we go again !!!! The most heated rivalry in the state. To say these two teams and fan bases don't like each other is a gross understatement. This matchup has all the intrigue... race, lies, and , of course, videotape. There is a also family/school loyalty angle. The rivalry pits a grandpa(Corbin fan) versus grandson(KC player). There have been taunts, insults, and cheap shots(both verbal and physical) . Corbin's superstar has taunted and threatened online and "cheap -shotted "in both games played this year. A Knox player hurled racial insults at the Corbin faithful. And, of course, there is the now- infamous snapchat video controversy. Knox Central parents have displayed their Thug Life KC T-Shirts on social media and will no doubt be wearing them just as proudly on Saturday. Hounds' fans will color the sold out Arena red, red, and more red. Knox won the first game played this year 73-61 while the Hounds thrashed the Panthers in the second meeting 81-67 . Corbin upset the Panthers in the semifinals of the region last year 55-52. And as they always do, the Panther fans cried foul. Then they just cried... The Arena is expected to be sold out for Saturday's games. There won't be a better atmosphere in the state or a better venue to watch basketball than the 5,000 seat Arena in Corbin. I hear security is gonna be on high alert. All bags will be checks for weapons and any other unsportsmanlike objects ... It's Civil War in SEKY !!! Let's get it on .... Who wins and why????
  6. Good God 'O Mighty !!! Did you avoid Kroger when you were a kid and having that dream?
  7. My most recurring dream is similar to your first one. I have also had your third dream recur before. Your second dream is one that I used to have quite often when I was younger.
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