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  1. First Round Winners 1- Elizabethtown 1- Clark County 1-Madison Central 1- University Heights 1- Boyle County 1- Ashland 1- McCracken County 1- Highlands Second Round Winners 2- Elizabethtown 2- Madison Central 2- Ashland 2- Highlands Finalists 3- Madison Central 3- Ashland 2021 Sweet 16 State Champion 5- Ashland tiebreaker 115
  2. I saw where only the CovCath/Saint Henry game will be at Holmes, the other three will be at the District Champs home gym.
  3. If CCH wins, they will be the first team since CCH 2004 to run the table in the 9th.
  4. 2. Basketball tournament scores, records & coaches for districts, regions and state
  5. Now that we have the 8 teams set for the 9th Region tournament, I noticed that it is the same 8 teams that made it last year! Conner Cooper Dixie St. Henry Beechwood Covington Catholic Newport Highlands I wondered if it had ever happened before and looked back all the way to 1937 and have never seen the exact same 8 teams in consecutive seasons! Thought that was a fun fact to share with everyone!
  6. Totally agree, there are enough teams in the state to have 64 Districts with at least 4 teams. Getting a bye to Regionals is NUTS. There needs to be a complete reset like in the 05-06 season as far as Redistricting to make sure no more 3 team Districts.
  7. Yes Dixie can win and I wouldn’t consider it an upset..
  8. The Roughnecks logo looks just like the old Oilers logo. I wonder if that was done on purpose?
  9. Why should Holmes always get home court advantage? I think with the close proximity of the 9th Region as a whole, we should use the 4 biggest gyms as neutral floors for each District. For example, the 35th would be at Conner every year with each school rotating host. The 33rd could be at Holmes every year etc.
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