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  1. I actually had SDSU and UConn but didn’t have FAU and Miami
  2. Interesting factoid for this years tournament.. Ashland is the only District Runner Up that won their respective Region.
  3. Totally agree!! I was looking forward to that session but then I realized they gerrymandered it. I hate that they do that in the first round it drives me nuts!
  4. I got to thinking if Newport wins tonight they will have lost the All “A” Region and won the big one. I wonder if that has ever happened in the 9th before? I certainly can’t think of one.
  5. Great premier with a great tribal! Looking forward to this season although I feel like something needs to change for season 45 because 41-44 have basically been the same so far and it’s starting to feel monotonous.
  6. Anyone have the all time list? Was wondering the other day who is after Scot Draud (dad).
  7. I have a feeling this is a dig at me for a post on another thread. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think what upsets most people about the alignment is how arbitrary it is. 3 different Kenton County schools in 3 different regions. Woodford County moving to the 8th when their superintendent I believe was on the board. I could go on but I won’t. I did say I would do the realignment for them lol I do have a rough draft of Regions 8-11 that I will post since I’m a 9th region guy. I realize that it’s never going to be perfect, but I think we need to do everything we can to eliminate 3 team districts in basketball. I realize in other sports it’s inevitable but that’s neither here nor there. 8th Region District 29 Oldham County, South Oldham, North Oldham, Trimble County, Carroll County District 30 Henry County, Eminence, Collins, Shelby County, Spencer County District 31 Frankfort, Frankfort Christian, Franklin County, Western Hills District 32 Gallatin County, Owen County, Grant County, Williamstown 9th Region District 33 Walton Verona, Simon Kenton, Cooper, Ryle District 34 Conner, Heritage, Boone County, Saint Henry, Lloyd District 35 Dixie, Ludlow, Villa Madonna, Beechwood, Covington Catholic District 36 Covington Latin, Holmes, Holy Cross, Scott, Calvary Christian 10th Region District 37 Newport, NCC, Dayton, Bellevue, Highlands District 38 Bishop Brossart, Campbell County, Pendleton County, Augusta District 39 Bracken County, St Patrick, Mason County, Robertson County, Fleming County(Montgomery County moves to 16th in Flemings place) District 40 Nicholas County, Harrison County, Bourbon County, Paris 11th Region District 41 Woodford County, Anderson County, Scott County, Great Crossing District 42 Frederick Douglass, Henry Clay, Bryan Station, Sayre, Trinity Christian District 43 stays as is District 44 George Rogers Clark, Madison Central, Madison Southern, Model, Berea
  8. Final from the Hoosier gym. Meyer led all scorers with 58 tying his career high. I’m sure Baseball Nut will have a full recap in a bit
  9. On Prespspin it says if I buy the All A pass it’s 49.95 but it says that it expires in 1 year does that mean I will have access to the Sweet 16 this year as well? Does anyone know?
  10. I have always thought it made more sense to have the Franklin County schools in the 8th as opposed to the 11th. Also think the 9th should just be Boone and Kenton County schools and all Campbell County schools to the 10th. Clark to 11th and Montgomery to 16th.
  11. As I have said for a few years now the last major realignment was in 2005/06. With schools closing, new schools opening, the KHSAA in the next couple years needs to scrap everything and start over. No 3 team Districts! It’s crazy to have a team get a bye to the Regional. Some regions only have 14-15 teams which is also crazy. We have enough teams for every region to have at least 16 teams and that is what they should try to do. I will even volunteer to help them!
  12. Both beneficiaries of blind draws in district. This was a year before St. Henry joined the 34th. This was also the last year before the tournament moved to NKU permanently(minus COVID year). Tourney was at Conner remember it well.
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