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  1. And teach them a lesson on even having ties to begin with..
  2. Yeah lets bring everyone back to the 9th so it can have 26 teams..... 2 7 team districts and 2 6 team districts. It’s not hard enough to get out of already come on...
  3. What’s everyone’s predictions? I have a weird feeling Erika will win
  4. “I’ve seen all good people” - Yes This one was the first one that came to mind.
  5. Agreed, as mentioned earlier I took a long break from Survivor and just started watching again this season and I was thinking I didn’t remember all these gimmicks and I’m glad he was able to stay.
  6. Yeah I was a little confused how the vote ended up tied the first time.
  7. The AFC is wide open the Raiders lost today too and the Ravens are currently not looking good and the Titans are underdogs tonight against the Rams. If the Ravens and Titans lose then everyone in AFC will have 3 losses already... crazy
  8. I haven’t watched Survivor since about 2005 and saw it on the other night and gave it another shot. I actually enjoyed it and will probably start watching again regularly. My wife also watched with me and had never watched it before and she enjoyed it as well.
  9. First Round Winners 1- Elizabethtown 1- Clark County 1-Madison Central 1- University Heights 1- Boyle County 1- Ashland 1- McCracken County 1- Highlands Second Round Winners 2- Elizabethtown 2- Madison Central 2- Ashland 2- Highlands Finalists 3- Madison Central 3- Ashland 2021 Sweet 16 State Champion 5- Ashland tiebreaker 115
  10. I saw where only the CovCath/Saint Henry game will be at Holmes, the other three will be at the District Champs home gym.
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