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  1. Sorry I meant I thought he would still get those two votes even with the bad final tribal performance.
  2. I thought going into Final Tribal that Mike was going to win, but his performance combined with Maryanne describing her game so well to the jury I knew Mike had no chance. I agree with some of the previous posts that Mike should have owned his game more, he came off too apologetic and I’m not even sure he realizes he played a great game. I did still think he had 2 votes, Jonathan and Rocksroy but it doesn’t really matter at this point.
  3. I think it will be like last season and they are all looking for the final 5 immunity challenge advantage on the new beach, I don’t think there will be an idol.
  4. Also forgot to mention, how about Maryanne using Romeo to vote Omar knowing full well he was the decoy boot just brilliant.
  5. Totally agree, this has been a much better season than 41 and overall after all is said and done, I think is a top 10 season for sure.
  6. Great movie by Maryanne! Got rid of the biggest strategic threat while simultaneously keeping the 2 challenge threats so there is now a pretty easy vote at 5. Basically whoever doesn’t win immunity between Jonathan and Lindsay can be voted out next. So she at least got herself to making fire in final 4 and she also still has an idol!
  7. So glad Lindsay didn’t do home on the stupid Do or Die they need to get rid of that. Also I was wondering what would have happened if only Jonathon chose to compete I guess no one would have had to do the Do or Die or would he have had to do it and no one would have gotten immunity?
  8. I had Rich Strike on a lot of my tickets, just didn’t use him in first. I am glad he won though about time the little guy wins I get tired of Baffert/ Pletcher types winning every year. I do hope Asmussen gets one some day it looked like Epicenter had it just got nipped at the wire. I think the Preakness will be interesting because I think the public will not make Rich Strike the favorite. If Epicenter goes I think he will be the favorite.
  9. I agree which is why I think he will be kept around, he feels like a goat to me that will be taken to the finals by whoever makes it but then again I thought that way about Heather last season so you never know.
  10. Also Drea and Maryanne were planning on voting for each other I believe so there’s that too...
  11. I think we may finally see some advantages played this coming week because of the split tribals. If one group has a minority of the big alliance may see extra votes/idols played. Also was wondering about this hypothetical: let’s say Drea uses the Knowledge is Power advantage and asks Hai or Lindsay for their amulet. Does hers become more powerful because technically the person didn’t get voted out but she would have their amulet. I was a little confused about what would happen in that scenario.
  12. What does everyone think about Rocksroy’s random vote on Lindsay? Mistake? Or was he left out of the vote? The way he spelled it almost makes me think he meant Lydia but wanted to see what everyone else thought?
  13. I was lucky that my antenna picks up Dayton Ohio channels so I could finish the episode.
  14. Only reason I can think she voted Mike is she thought everyone was voting Daniel and if he played his shot in the dark and it worked then she would go home since Daniel was voting for her so she threw a vote at Mike to at least have a tie.
  15. Spot on on your analysis wow! My early pick to win is Lindsay for the reasons you mentioned being able to hide behind Jonathon and use him as a shield but I feel once he gets voted out she won’t be far behind.
  16. Crazy tribal last night, I don’t blame Daniel for flipping I wouldn’t go to rocks either. However the way he went about everything definitely didn’t look good but we will see what happens. Hai figured it all out now it looks like nobody trusts Daniel.
  17. Yeah Marianne is just too much and I think it will ultimately get her voted out.
  18. Yeah I just noticed he said both which implies two tribes but could be that one tribe was already finished and the two other tribes fighting for second.
  19. In the previews for next episode Jeff says “both tribes stop” does that mean a merge/swap to two tribes is looming?
  20. I totally agree! I was talking to my Dad about this and we both are thinking exactly like you. I just don’t see it with this team but you never know.
  21. Seems like it happens every year just hard to get the right one..
  22. Here’s what I’m thinking for 8th, 9th and 10th. 9th region is all Boone and Kenton County schools with all Campbell County schools moving to the 10th. Clark, Woodford and Anderson go to 11th and Montgomery to the 16th. 29th: South Oldham, Collins, Shelby, Spencer 30th: Frankfort, Frankfort Christian, Western Hills, Franklin, Eminence 31st: Oldham, North Oldham, Trimble, Carroll, Henry 32nd: Gallatin, Owen, Grant, Williamstown 33rd: Walton, Simon Kenton, Cooper, Ryle 34th: Conner, Boone, Heritage, Lloyd, St Henry 35th: Dixie, Beechwood, CovCath, Ludlow, Villa 36th: Holmes, CovLatin, Holy Cross, Calvary Christian, Scott 37th: Newport, NCC, Highlands, Dayton, Bellevue 38th: Bishop Brossart, Campbell, Bracken, Augusta 39th: St Pat, Mason, Robertson, Nicholas 40th: Pendleton, Harrison, Paris, Bourbon
  23. There are a lot of things that need to be changed. For starters let’s eliminate 3 team districts... and let’s not have 3 schools in one county be in 3 different regions...
  24. I have always thought it made more sense to have the Franklin County Schools in the 8th and have Woodford, Anderson and Clark all go to the 11th.
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