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  1. I appreciate all the updates. You guys are great. SMDH. Go Birds
  2. β€œAny place, any time, any body? Really? When was this said before tonight? Just curious because I have been around for a while and I do not remember Ronny ever saying this. Prove me wrong.
  3. Looks like BW headed to Beechwood according to Twitter. Anyone else know anything or am I late?
  4. Has anyone seen the movie Frozen? Let it go Let it go Let it go This is turning into a circus. The kids see all the post and ask me about it. I say ignore it. That is alll.
  5. π‡πˆπ†π‡π‹π€ππƒπ’ π‡πˆπ†π‡ π’π‚π‡πŽπŽπ‹ π‡πˆπ‘π„π’ π…π‘π€ππŠπ‹πˆπ π‚πŽπ”ππ“π˜β€™π’ π„πƒπƒπˆπ„ π‰π€πŒπ„π’ 𝐀𝐒 𝐍𝐄𝐗𝐓 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐃 π…πŽπŽπ“ππ€π‹π‹ π‚πŽπ€π‚π‡ The Fort Thomas Independent Schools announced today that Eddie James has been hired as the next varsity football coach at Highlands High School. James will oversee all aspects of the Bluebirds’ storied program after a four-year stint as head coach at Franklin County High School. This past season, James led the Flyers on a remarkable run that ended with a state runner-up finish in the 2020 Kentucky Class 4A playoffs. β€œThe Highlands Bluebirds represent one of the true blue blood programs in the Common-wealth of Kentucky and a gold standard when it comes to excellence,” James said. β€œI would only leave Franklin County for a job of this magnitude, and I am very eager to work with the great student-athletes in Fort Thomas to restore a championship tradition on the foot-ball field.” After conducting a comprehensive search, Highlands High School principal Matt Bertasso said James’ clear and energetic vision for what Highlands football will embody, both on and off the field, separated him as the ideal candidate to walk the sidelines. β€œEddie James sees the football program as an extension of his own family,” Bertasso said. β€œHe is about championship-building, for sure. But he also uses football to teach life lessons that will help mold our students into fine people long after they leave the program. That’s very important to us.” James graduated from Franklin County High School in 2005 and held positions as an assis-tant coach at FCHS and at Boyle County before his promotion to head coach at Franklin County in 2017. James holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Ken-tucky and teaches special education. James also received his Rank 1 in Special Education from University of the Cumberlands. β€œHighlands has a long and proud history of competing at the highest levels and Eddie brings with him the coaching acumen and experience needed to bring this kind of achieve-ment back to our football program,” athletic director Wes Caldwell said. β€œHiring Eddie rep-resents a critical investment in our entire athletic department, and his energy will galvanize our community. We believe a lot of great Friday nights are in store for the Bluebirds.” James’ wife, Nikki, also teaches special education and the couple has two children, Ava (6) and Jax (3). The family plans to move from the Frankfort area to Northern Kentucky in the coming months. β€œPreparing for my interview at Highlands was like preparing for a big game,” James added. β€œLots of adrenaline and excitement. And I want to communicate very clearly that everyone who wears an β€˜H’ in our program will represent Highlands in a first-class manner on the field, in the classroom and in the community. That’s my expectation.” The Fort Thomas Independent Schools will host a small media gathering at the Highlands Fieldhouse, an indoor training facility for Highlands Athletics, to introduce Eddie James. Masks must be worn at all times and please bring recording equipment compatible with social distancing. Livestream of the press conference Monday, January 11, will be available on the District Facebook page and Film/Broadcast YouTube channel: http://broadcast.hhsbirds.com πŸ“Έ credit: Nick Moore, 44 Sports Photography
  6. Congrats to Coach James. Looking forward to it. Go Birds.
  7. Or you might see the AD throw his hat in the ring. That is what I’m hearing.
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