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  1. South was for sure the best loser out if all the districts. IMO it would not have mattered because Steiner teams always seem to underachieve in the post season. SK was going to run through the 8th Region when they were moved but it has been far from it.
  2. Macke is where she needs to be as far as 3rd team
  3. Final from Richmond. WV owns the boards with a 44-20 advantage. WV plays Bethlehem tomorrow in the All A finals at noon. Walton holds Hannah McKay (Murray) to 7pts. Emma Strunk with a double double. 20pts 14 boards.
  4. Final from Richmond. Walton Verona plays defending Champion Owensboro Catholic in a rematch of last years finals.
  5. Don’t matter how SK matches up because they will be out coached!
  6. Downtown, nice player. Needs to leave the other other crap at home and just play ball.
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