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  1. Update on Sydney Lockard's injury. Just an ankle sprain-- she will be good to go in about 2-3 weeks.
  2. She is a junior and it’s her ankle. We will find out more today on how serious it is. Thanks!
  3. Please pray for Sydney Lockard who went down with an ankle injury during this game.
  4. I agree. They’ve been in this situation several times and have a chip on their shoulder. I hope they give them a game.
  5. If we’re talking scoring alone, Lockard has scored 487 pts this season compared to Mackes 379. Both players see the floor well but I also agree that all around Lockard does it all and steps up to win big games. However, all of the players listed are great!
  6. All 9th Region 1st Team Maddie Scherr - Ryle Brie Crittenden - Ryle Sydney Lockard - Dixie Lacey Bradshaw - NDA Tyra Murphy - Conner All 9th Region 2nd Team Maddie Drummonds - Conner Grace Bezold - Holy Cross Whitney Lind - Cooper Rylee Turner - NCC Kelsey Listerman - Highlands All 9th Region 3rd Team Piper Macke - Highlands Celia Pelfrey - Dixie Jayla LaBordeaux - Lloyd Annie Heck - NCC Jenna Lillard - Ludlow What a talented group. Congrats ladies!
  7. Dixie beat NewCath 72-55 at the very beginning of the season. Lockard scored 28 and Pelfrey scored 21. Lawson did not play in that game and as most of you know she's out again with another knee injury. Predictions?
  8. I agree with that. Great play maker and has had huge games as of late.
  9. Monday March 2nd 6:30 Notre Dame vs Ludlow 8:00 Highlands vs Conner Wednesday March 4th 6:30 Dixie vs NCC 8:00 Ryle vs Holy Cross
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