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  1. Congratulations to Sereniti Webb on scoring her 1000 point!
  2. SK has to take care of the ball better. To many turnovers lead to easy buckets. Webb was double teamed all night. They have to have someone step up and knockdown shots.
  3. I am not sure, but I believe game was canceled do to weather.
  4. Im pretty sure i saw on Fox19 that Ryle played MND tonight??
  5. Simon Kenton was able to keep it within 3 after one quarter. Then Ryle was able to get out in transition and started knocking down about 60 percent of their shots. Webb was unstoppable inside. But it's hard to trade 2s for 3s. If Ryle is able to shoot like that, with their athletes they are going to be tough. I'm not sure what the shooting percent ended up being for Ryle, but I'm sure it was high. Simon Kenton had stretches that looked good. Coach Stowers will not doubt have them better as the season progresses.
  6. Is anyone aware of any scrimmages in the next few weeks?
  7. Clink dictated the entire game and the Simon Kenton coaches obliged. Walton stalled for 4 minutes in the 3rd down. Simon Kenton gets the ball back up 3 and then stalls??? They did Clinks job for him. The did not play like the Simon Kenton I seen in games past.
  8. @Runcible Owl I like the home work. Its nice to see what's going on around the state in girls basketball. Keep listing.
  9. MISS BASKETBALL NOMINEES 1st Region: Charlee Settle, Calloway County. 2nd Region: Emilee Hope, Henderson County. 3rd Region: Hannah McKay, Owensboro Catholic; Kendall Wingler, Meade County. 4th Region: Elizabeth Bertram, Barren County. 5th Region: Whitney Hay, Elizabethtown. 6th Region: Ta’Ziah Jenks, Mercy. 7th Region: Erin Toller, Sacred Heart; Shelby Calhoun, Christian Academy-Louisville. 8th Region: Maggie Jones, Simon Kenton. 9th Region: Maddie Scherr, Ryle. 10th Region: Kennedy Igo, Clark County. 11th Region: Malea Williams, Scott County 12th Region: Lauren Lee, Casey County. 13th Region: Ally Collett, South Laurel, Amerah Steele, South Laurel. 14th Region: Lexy Meyers, Leslie County. 15th Region: Katlyn Ball, Belfry. 16th Region: Julia Parker, Ashland Blazer.
  10. Congratulations to Coach Stowers who picked up his 500th win with a 68 to 44 victory over Lincoln County at the Toyota Classic.
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