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  1. Did you come out stronger in the 2nd half? 8 more bites for total of 12? Did you end with a double double, 12 bites from a burger and 11 slurps from a Mountain Dew?
  2. I’m curious what this young man’s ceiling is. His work ethic, attitude, and on court game awareness are second to none in NKY. I know he has already secured an offer from NKU, be fun to see what follows after the summer.
  3. Great season from the Birds! Lot of fight. It is fun to see them back relevant. Look out 9th region in 20/21, lots of buckets coming back to the Fort!!!
  4. I know right!!! He should have said that Cov Cath had an average margin of victory of 25.75 points against 9th region opponents while scoring an average of 70.375 points per game and only giving up an average of 44.625!!! Get your facts straight coach!!!
  5. Key to this game is can Highlands get Vinson touches in space where he can find shooters, and can they make open shots. It will be interesting to see what CC does with Haupman (sp?)? He played well last night, but they primarily played zone when he was in and St. Henry doesn't have the shooters Highlands does. If he is in and they play man, I would put him in as many ball screens as possible and see what happens there. Should be a very exciting, high intensity game. Go Birds!
  6. As long as the parent initiates the contact, goes through the proper channels (most likely school administration first), I don’t see a problem with this. In this case, a coach has every right to talk to this student and family. The major difference is high school coaches from one school traveling around actively searching out middle school players, and even crossing district or state lines. Big difference in my book with what you describe and what happens at some schools.
  7. There is a major difference between "allow" or talk to parents who approach certain schools or coaches AND actively seek out /(I'm about to say the "R" word).....Recruit middle school players.
  8. Birds win on Senior Night Vinson...30 pts, 13 boards, 7 assists, 6 steals.
  9. As far as I know, no contact is allowed between high school coaches and middle school players unless it is a direct feeder school. Although, that doesn’t stop this from happening. I know for a fact high school coaches contact kids outside of their feeders through second parties, aau programs, and other anonymous means. It is a shame, but if people don’t think that this is happening they are naive.
  10. IMO, massive difference. I have no problem with high school coaches, within a district going to middle school games of their feeder schools. These kids are within their program and should be made to feel a part of the program. Another high school coach, or staff member, should not actively engage in the “scouting” of other middle school athletes. These are 14 year old impressionable kids who will believe most anything they are told. Your program should speak for itself. We all know this goes on, and which programs do it. It is a problem and apples to oranges to college coaches recruiting high school players.
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