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  1. Id remove Ockerman from any tier until they figure out whatever issues they are having. Watched them play Highlands last night and let’s just say, it was an uncomfortable and humbling loss for the young men from Florence.
  2. All Boone County middle schools are. The first time I went there I thought Google Maps was playing a sick joke on me.
  3. I’ve seen nearly all 8th grade teams. Top Tier….Highlands Second Tier….Gray Beechwood Third Tier……Campbell Ockerman
  4. I never remember Sam taking 36 shots last year, but I get your point.
  5. Don’t play a soft sagging 2-3 against Highlands. That is all…
  6. Very fun game to watch. VH is a very deep and athletic team. They subbed 4-5 at a time and pressed most of the game. This caused Highlands some trouble. It was a back and forth game and VH depth wore down the guards from Highlands. The Miller kid, #0, from VH is legit and has great size for a guard. They are a very good team and this was a fun game to watch, minus the outcome. Birds back at it vs Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy tonight:
  7. Highlands storms back from 22 down at half to defeat highly rated Rayvon Griffith and Taft. Great win for the Birds!
  8. I’m hoping that this is sarcasm, please be sarcasm….
  9. Which middle school teams/players out there are having great starts to their season? Who is sticking out? I know a lot of 8th graders are playing up but which middle school teams are making an impression?
  10. See State Banner in Highlands Gym from last year, that team didn't guard but they did REBOUND!!! I would bet a shiny nickel that Walton had 20+ offensive rebounds. Can't win giving good offenses multiple shots.
  11. Anyone have stats? Smithers and Barth both had to be at or above 30.
  12. I can guarantee it wasn’t. They took Barth away on the stagger screen. He had to get it, but needed to attack rim.
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