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  1. Been my thoughts about this all along with not just Cam. Would be different if the football season would have been cancelled and these guys wanted a senior year, I get it. Not a fan....
  2. And there in lies a potential problem as Highlands shares athletes in the off-season. With the success of the baseball program, not to mention the recent state basketball championship, it seems as this could be a potential issue with these multi-sport kids.
  3. The Nevels brothers did wonders for the basketball program. The kids love and would run through a wall for those guys! A big reason for the state championship!
  4. Correct, with those players and whatever additions they get in the off season, I would put them at 9th region favorites. However, Highlands, Dixie, and Conner may have something to say about that.
  5. This should not even be a debate. If he isn’t, they need a revote.
  6. This team...... What a year!!!! Has to be one of the best shooting teams in KY high school history. It’s amazing...
  7. That game was a lifetime ago, 😆. This stage of the tournament, with 2 evenly matched teams, give me the squad with the best player, and that would be Highlands and Sam Vinson. Birds in a close one.
  8. McCracken has the same problems as everyone who plays Highlands this year. 1. Can you contain Sam without helping off their shooters? If you can, you have a chance. 2. Are you comfortable playing and scoring at a breakneck pace. If you can, you have a chance. I’ll take the birds by 7.
  9. Agree. They may not, let’s be honest probably won’t, shoot 66%, but they shoot enough of them to be extremely dangerous.
  10. Pick your poison with this team. Take away the shooters, Sam gets a lot of space to attack. Double Sam or help off shooters, live with what happens on the perimeter. Such a fun team.....
  11. Vinson with a nasty flush off of the backboard. I’d say the ankle is ok!!!
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