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  1. Think what you want of the kids as basketball players. The overarching point is those guys aren’t being asked to pick a sport. The superstars that you named were strictly basketball players so they made the choice themselves. Hussey will be the best player on CCH next year and among the very best in the region, but basketball is a secondary sport for him that he just happens to be really good at. Ruthsatz youngest son and potentially the best player in the family is a 6th grader who has many really talented multi-sport athlete friends who are probably going to play more sports than just basketball at CCH. The coaches will continue to understand that and encourage that.
  2. No reason CCH doesn’t go 10-0 if they play the way they should.
  3. KHSAA doesn’t have the stats correct for the Lloyd game. Braden had plenty of points and took the shot in the final seconds down one.
  4. Yes. This team will be much better than the 20-22' teams...I believe that was his point.
  5. I get that. We all know Cash had surgery. This is strictly a CCH comment as Hussey is their 2nd best player and will be their leader next year.
  6. CCH 2nd leading scorer Brady Hussey did not play in either District game. They certainly need to get him back.
  7. The refs let them play the entire game. It was more like a football game at times. Both teams were not getting calls. The Holy Cross coach could have been T'd up a half a dozen times and all he received was a warning. The better team won.
  8. Fedders was unstoppable in the 2nd Half. Resing made some huge clutch plays. One of the most entertaining high school games I have ever been to without question.
  9. That’s what CCH does every year and they will this year.
  10. CCH is about as frustrating as any team I can remember under Ruthsatz's tutelage. They clearly can beat anyone judging by the good teams they have beaten from KY, OH and FL and other states. They seem bored when they play NKY teams. I have no doubt that they will show up against them when each team has their season/career on the line in a few weeks.
  11. This was a CRU beatdown. They may be getting a key part of their team back here for tourney time who was thought to be lost for the season.
  12. You haven't watched much basketball in the last decade then. He is not the same coach he used to be and hasn't been in a long, long time.
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