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  1. Congrats to the 7'1 Senior from CovCath.
  2. Rulli is leaving Cooper for a High School in Connecticut.
  3. Ethan Reardon-CovCath 6’5-top target for Caleb Jacob last season. Just picked up 1st offer from Morehead St. today.
  4. My fault for messing everything up with the “9th Region MVP” comment. I was referring to Disken who had zero points at Half, and was the D1 Player of the Year...I called him the 9th Region MVP. Not looking for a debate-titled my man Grant in the wrong way and just proud of my boys.
  5. Back in 2015 a non-CCH poster started a thread something along the lines of if CCH was on the verge of becoming the greatest NKY Basketball Dynasty Ecer. I can’t speak for others but facts are facts: 8 Straight 9TH Regional Championship Games 5 out of the last 7 9TH Region Champs 2 State Titles 3 State Final 4’s That seems to stack up to me. If I am missing something let me know, but these are nothing but facts.
  6. 8 straight Regional Finals for the Colonels and 5 titles in 7 years-not bad.
  7. Says a lot for a TEAM when the 9th Region MVP has 0 points at Half, and really couldn’t buy a shot tonight and they still gutted out a win against a viable opponent. That was a fun game to be at, and the intensity of the game was the best I’ve seen in awhile.
  8. If the CRU play like they did in the 1st Half against Cooper this will be over at Half, but I don’t see that happening. I think the Colonels pull away at the end and win by 10+.
  9. After talking to some folks, this is what it was. They signaled out Donovan which bothered me, and both teams were dunking. I am sure lesson learned by the coaching staff for tomorrow night’s game.
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