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  1. Yes I was told CCH could have ewon by a few scores, but they didn’t as the Birds gave a solid team. Someone also said this is something like their 9th straight year of CCH winning the Frosh game-seems to portend well for CCH once the Varsity staff gets to start coaching them.
  2. I'll take the Tigers by 10-14. They seem to have the more complete team to me after watching hem both.
  3. CovCath won the JV game 54-0. Half was 33-0.
  4. Colonels started off with their sloppy ways in the 1st quarter leading to a 0-0 tie. They got it together and then some for the next 2 quarters and played CovCath football.
  5. Being very close to the program, I am not concerned...I am disappointed. They are definitely not as talented this year as the last several, and may lose a game in the regular season that they shouldn't, but the coaching staff will have them ready to go come November.
  6. Nice job .@TheDeuce CovCath could be #1, but right now are self-destructing in games with over 100 yards in penalties last week, where you could put them in the back half of the top 10. I think the next few weeks will be telling.
  7. The throw by Pitzer on 4th Down in the 1st OT to send it into a 2nd OT was a Varsity throw.
  8. Fair enough. I just don't buy the concept that we know who the best team is after 2 games, especially this year. With CCH being so well-coached, and being able to develop and fit the right kids in the right positions at the end of they year, I am sure they will be just fine.
  9. Another close game for the Colonels, and another close victory.
  10. That would be me. Sitting in the stands was painful to watch the 2nd Half with all the turnovers, but that was my entire point-I expected the game to be sloppy with CCH breaking in so many new starters and without your normal summer to prepare, there was no way this ended in a blowout with Dixie's veteran team. Nothing surprised me about this score. Caleb has to be better....period. When Skyler gets approved to play, Caleb will have a go-to when the line breaks down. The defense won this game when the offense continuously turned the ball over the 2nd Half giving Dixie short field position over and over. Eddie will have a field day with these guys this week challenging them, and making adjustments.
  11. My point is you aren’t going to be able to judge any team from tonight unless it is a utter beatdown. Eddie in my opinion is the best coach in the state, and I know he has my kid ready, but who knows what to expect tonight.
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