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  1. This is a cool thread. I guess I need to get out more and see some of these. As a homer for CovCath, USA Today had them ranked as the #11 place in the country to watch a game at. Obviously that was not the case in 2021, but hope so next year.
  2. CCH beat them in the regular season easily. I would expect another battle.
  3. I think Highlands has a real shot at bringing the trophy back to NKY.
  4. Chandler slimmed down this year with more lean muscle. I hope he joins the football Colonels because I have no doubt he will pick up where he left off. Eddie will put him in the right spots- the TE position is stacked, but Chandler is really gifted. Defense is where he would shine either at DE or a tall LB, ala Mayer.
  5. This is the year for the Birds after 2 decades. The CRU gave it their best shot, but Highlands has the best team in the 9th this season.
  6. He was an absolute stud in grade school on both offense and defense. Yes, he is considering it and will likely decide in the next couple of weeks. I consider him a better football prospect than basketball at the next level based on his skill set in both sports.
  7. Definitely pulling for the CRU, but I think the Birds will be too fresh, will win this, and the subsequent Championship game. I can't believe it has been 20 years since they won a Regional Title with Gino Guidugli and company.
  8. He's fine, and ready to take on another AAU buddy tonight in Vinson.
  9. Wyatt is also really good friends with a few of those CCH players from across the river, and so he wanted to have a little fun with them.
  10. You spent a lot of time on that and way more than I will in my rebuttal as I am getting ready for a game. Nice work.
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