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  1. No way-Jones and Sullivan are as good as CCH has had in years at LB. Next year it will be Jones and Jones.
  2. I love the passion. With that being said I think CCH's Soph class will have something to say about that.
  3. I'm just so happy for the Eviston family. Eddie showed these boys real leadership by coaching tonight. Contrary to belief the team was extra motivated, but they just did not play good football. 8 and a row over the Birds is all I need to see and hear.
  4. I am all about a CCH/Cooper rematch in November, but the game in Ft. Thomas next week when the Colonels come to town seems to bring out a different Bluebird team.
  5. CCH is fine-can’t believe this game was this close. Next years class will be the best in the school.
  6. Their 8th Grade CYL team is stacked, plus they have a few more coming in.
  7. Greater Cincinnati. You were the one who who bashed the Sophomore who made his way back to Highlands after dabbling at a few schools, and you went quiet on that for some reason?
  8. Also, just to tack on to what I said, this is definitely not CCH's best class fully healthy. Next year will be different with James Brooks son and company.
  9. I'm aware FC. This is not an excuse-I said it was unfortunate because so many of their key players are missing their Freshman year. Period.
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