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  1. Couldn't have said it better. The spread was 10 points or so the entire night.
  2. Fellas-I am very close to the St. Henry community. I have heard since most of these Seniors were at IHM that this would be the best St. Henry class ever....AND IT IS. Next year will be a HUGE DROPOFF....they only have one Junior who gets any minutes. CCH starts 1 Senior-Stocks. I am so happy for the CRU Seniors, but they want the Regional Title as the school only has one in 2003. I don't think a one point comeback on what looked like a monotonous effort by CCH in the 2nd Half is going to sway kids going to one school or the next. It certainly shouldn't . My youngest son and his friends certainly weren't swayed, and they all will be high-level Varsity players down the road. Let's just give Wyatt and the CRU credit-they wanted it more.
  3. St. Henry deserves to be #1 after Vieth willed them to that win, but make no mistake about it CCH is still the favorite to win the Region.
  4. The Region certainly will be interesting....the Colonels got it handed to them at practice yesterday, and will be more motivated than ever come tourney time.
  5. Wyatt kept the basketball for his trophy case...happy for him.
  6. That was a great game-another legacy win for the St. Henry Senior class.
  7. Statement win for CovCath. This game was under control early in the 3rd. Hopefully they will move into the Top 7-8 in the next BGP poll.
  8. I expected a closer game. These teams are not close-Highlands has no answer inside.
  9. Just happy we even have to take a vote the last couple of years as to who will win. This rivalry deserves this.
  10. Not breaking news obviously, but Geisler is gone. Best of luck to him.
  11. I have sons who play basketball, but I have been out of town all week.
  12. I’m just telling you what I was told. I did not see the game.
  13. I have not heard anything from my boys, but this is comical if it is the case. He is the 1st one off the bench in our JV games.
  14. One of CCH's coaches said Sheppard was the best player they have faced in their 10 years there....and they obviously have faced some good ones.
  15. Glad to see St. Henry getting their due respect.
  16. What a game-the CRU have made their point this week that they should be a Top-15 team in the state.
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