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  1. Sorry, as I have gotten older I only pay attention to my 2 sons games.
  2. Who is good in the 10th and the prohibitive favorite? Surely not Campbell County.
  3. I hear you, but I have never seem such a one team lopsided region. The coaches will have them focused.
  4. I feel like all the drama is all going to come from the opposite side of CCH's bracket as to who can claim runner up.
  5. The Cru should be solid next year- only lose Owen Setters, and Camden Fedders.
  6. If Rodenberg wasn't CCH's coach in 05' and 06', they would have 2 titles.
  7. I believe he 6'5 now without shoes on. He is getting some looks. Yes it does feel he has been there for like 6 years.
  8. Fredrick always compares Chandler Starks to the HS version of Draymond Green. He definitely lived up to it in this game.
  9. Fredrick said they held him out because they were worried he may hit someone else because Mitchell disagreed with the call. It’s just a Regular Season game, so no reason to play your best 5 in the last quarter if you don’t need to.
  10. Winning on the road at a team like Male is a tall order. CCH seemed to have control for a while, but Mitchell not playing changed the inside game for CCH.
  11. He does like it at Beechwood. We are still in January though.
  12. Nick Ruthsatz told me point blank that he was already better than him-and he is a Junior.
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