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  1. It looks likes a great field to me as long as teams actually play this season. I personally would have liked to see Fern Creek too. They would be one of, if not the favorite to win it. I think they're playing in Florida for a national showcase tournament so maybe they couldn't fit in both. As long as Zion Harmon stays at MC then they'll stay in. If he opts to graduate early I would think they may bow out. I am lookong forward to see the Clark kid play for Brentwood. He's probably the most highly rated player in the tourney. Lots of good individual talent and always is one of the best in-season tourney's I look forward to attending every year.
  2. I've got possibly a worse idea. Male has beaten Fern Creek and Cov. Cath. and it's safe to say they were #1 or #2 in most polls. Ashland was undefeated and also could make a claim for #1 or #2. Get those two teams together on an outside court and the kids can play it out. Have some media or family watch from their cars. Some say it was fake news but the legend would grow forever about the 2020 state title game played out on the playgrounds. side note; sorry to the other 14 teams.
  3. I can tell you my ovservations being a fan of both and seeing many games from each state. First is population like many others have mentioned. Take for example Indiana's biggest school is Carmel just north of Indianpolis, enrollment just over 5,000 in grades 9-12. The largest school listed online for the state of Kentucky is Lafayette, enrollment 2,293. That's twice the size and there's many others with enrollments in Indiana larger than Lafayette. I'm not sure why Lafayette is not a basketball power but Carmel sure is. Year in and year out they compete for a state championship. Size does matter and Indiana is able to chose from more students. Secondly I've noticed is how referees call games in Kentucky compared to Indiana. The refs in Kentucky seem to let the kids play more without blowing the whistle as much, and not just in Louisville. That changes teams style of play to be more willing to gamble. When there are officials that are "neutral" they call more fouls and gambles aren't rewarded. I don't want to say that most Indiana teams are more disciplined in their approach to the game but more of a methodical offense that is set up in the halfcourt (especially in southern Indiana). I believe both states for the most part emphasize basketball over football and other sports despite football bringing in much more revenue so I do not think it's lack of importance put on Kentucky kids as opposed to Indiana kids. I'm not sure it's related to this subject but it is interesting that most Indiana kids dream of going to IU or Purdue and the best do get there, in Kentucky the dream is UK or UL but UK and UL recruit mostley out of state, which is why UK and UL have had vastly better college bball programs the last 20 years.
  4. You'd know more than me I imagine but hard to leave Ohmer off that list. Him and Allen in the backcourt together would get alot of buckets.
  5. I'll start and I admittedly have limited knowledge and observations of many Kentucky schools but I've seen the 9th for the better part of a decade so I will name who I think would make the All- Decade team. Feel free to name yours from your region C. Ben Weyer- NCC 2016 F. Elijah Pittman- Holmes 2010 G/ F. C.J. Fredrick- Cov Cath 2018 G. Adam Kunkel- Cooper 2018 G. James Bolden- Holmes 2015 6th man- Nick Ruthsatz- Cov Cath 2014
  6. Gotta also go with the 2018 Cov. Cath team. Although I really enjoy Scott's run in 2017.
  7. Hands down the best game I've ever seen McKnight play. He took over the game. Finished with 31 but seemed like more honestly. Looked alot like Tavion Hollingsworth who he'll be replacing at WKU.
  8. Seems like it's McKnight v. Morrison. Kentucky Wesleyan got a real steal with Morrison. He can really shoot
  9. Would love to bring him up to a school like Hanover College. Schools like Transylvania and Mount St. Joe's would be smart to take a look too. He can play and contribute at that level. IMO
  10. I just posted an update. Maybe someone can delete my thread. Yes, Male is looking every bit of #1. shifting gears into tourney mode.
  11. My thoughts exactly. IMO if he plays like he did against Male in the KOB North Oldham not only advances to region, not only advance to Rupp, but make a run for a state title. Again, every team can say "what if" at some point but sure would have been nice to see him out there. Especially since he came back home for his senior year.
  12. 55-43 final. Henry Co. advances. Another technical was called with 26 seconds left on the Carroll Co. bench. Refs were quick wirh the technical whistles tonight and I'm 100% neutral .
  13. Supplee gets 2nd technical. Also controversial and very questionable. Hate to see a kid's good career go out like that if Carroll loses. Henry up 6 with 1:30 left
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