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  1. That’s just natural selection at that point.
  2. 39 new cases today in Kentucky. 163 total.
  3. That’s.... frightening.
  4. I work for one of the “big three” home improvement/hardware stores, and I’m in the Greater Louisville area. The amount of up close and personal interaction that I’m forced to have with customers and coworkers is making me... uneasy, to say the least, especially since there are people who want our installers and delivery drivers to come into their homes to put in new carpet while all of this is going on. It amazes me just how naive these people are.
  5. I haven’t had this exact emotional reaction since I was 9 years old and my mother finally told me Santa isn’t real.
  6. The boogeyman sleeps with a teddy bear because he’s scared of finding Chuck Norris under his bed.
  7. Final per Pegasus Sports Network. Not surprised by the result, but a tad surprised by the margin. Really wasn’t as close as the score would suggest either.
  8. 4th straight season that the Cardinals represent the 11th at Rupp. 5th straight year they played in the region championship game.
  9. Preseason favorite LexCath will be taking on 3 time defending region champs Scott County tomorrow night at 5PM at EKU. Who will earn the short drive to Rupp Arena?
  10. Not sure how many threes in a row we’re at for South, I’ve lost count. 42-32 Dragons with 49 seconds left in the half.
  11. 4 straight threes across both teams now as Davis hits one from the logo. 28-26 South.
  12. South, one of the top 3-point shooting teams in the state of Kentucky, was down by 3 with 5 seconds left, drove the length of the court and attacked the basket for a layup. It missed, but begs the question of “why”?
  13. I imagine Trimble’s gym might become a fire hazard tonight, and I’m not talking about Luke Morrison’s 3pt percentage. Lol.
  14. Good tune up game for Oldham, it’ll only get tougher from here. Their depth is going to be their advantage heading into New Castle and possibly Lexington. Also, what a career for Reece Webster! Trimble County should retire his jersey.
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