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  1. However, population isn't everything. Other sports (such as baseball, soccer, swimming, etc.) don't show much disparity whatsoever. Some may argue that KY is better in some of those sports.
  2. Will we see a time when KY high school basketball catches up to IN in terms of talent? Why is there such a disparity (99-44 all time record in the IN-KY All-Star Game in favor of Indiana and consistently more top 100 talents) with a similar layout and basketball passion? A true bluegrass fan myself but have recently lived in the Hoosier state and have started to see the disparity.
  3. 9th Region: First Team: 1/2) Nick Ruthsatz 1/2) James Bolden 3) CJ Frederick 4) Ricardo Johnson 5) Elijah Pittman A shorter lineup but all are deserving of first team. Second Team: 1) Cole VonHandorf 2) Adam Kunkel 3) Sean McNeil 4) Ben Weyer 5) Drew McDonald
  4. CJ and Ruthsatz not on the first team? Both won state championships, the state tournament MVP, and absolutely took over in the state final for their squad. Not to mention CJ was the Gatorade POY.
  5. As a new member on the site, my opinion might not voice much weight; however, I say the Colonels are going to win this one in a close one. This is the best Cru team in years with some big wins throughout the season, but the Colonels will prove to be too much at the end. Also, wanted to say that I'm excited to join the site!!!
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