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  1. Soccer and Cheerleading actually have a more highly occurring rate of concussions per participant than football, so yes its very hypocritical.
  2. Word is that they are waiting for school to end that way they know what teaching jobs are available in the school, and the job must be posted a certain length which would put it right in the middle of their final week which is not ideal for administration.
  3. Sadly this district has always been a battle for the 2 seed. I think NCC coming down actually levels the playing field a little. Not that NCC isn't good but Beechwood has been more of dynasty in recent years than NCC.
  4. What are the chances that NCC requests to remain in 2A? That would make a 2A district with NCC and Beechwood very fun and competitive and finally give the river city schools a district that can be won by a different team year in and year out. Even if Holy Cross (Cov) were to drop into that district it would still make it competitive. That would be the most interesting and competitive way to do the small schools in NKY.
  5. Is the job even posted anywhere yet? I haven't seen it on KHSAA or the Diocese website, although interestingly enough they do have a middle school head coach job posted for NCC
  6. While not trying to take away from anything he did, if you look he was only there for two years, during those two years he went 5-5, and 8-4 being beaten by NCC in the playoffs, but he had very good athletes on the team. Plus the year he took over the team they went from 41 players the previous year to 33 his first, to 39 his second with 10 of those being freshman. Idk it’s hard to judge someone being proven at a high level when you are winning with a team that was already established over only a two year period. Could he have continued to win and keep numbers consistent maybe but I think we need more than two years to say he was high level and proven. Just a thought.
  7. Any other grumblings or hear say of people interested? Or does it look like it might be between Schmitz and Mason?
  8. It is indeed factual. But he has already begun working in the school again so apparently it was not enough for him to lose his certification.
  9. But that brings up a valid point, will there be parents who do feel that way. could there be backlash from community? would it make the administration weary of bringing him back? Newport already has quite a few things working against it, is it worth adding fuel to the fire?
  10. Yea. Sorry wasnt attempting to be rude in saying that, I just didnt feel it needed to be aired out here. Don't want this thread to be sent to controversial again haha
  11. He was asked to resign. Due to personal issues which you can look up if you want to know more.
  12. I don't believe Wiggins would consider it. He has a pretty good thing going down in Alexandria. Growth in the program, season success, and the oncoming growth once that MAC is complete. Wiggins isnt going anywhere unless forced I would assume.
  13. Is it something he is interested in or are you just throwing out a name of someone they should consider?
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