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  1. Looks like cooper ended the running clock streak .... Devine intervention
  2. 7 beechwood 5 Scott county 3 bishop 2 ncc 1 Henry Tb :Scott county
  3. Qb Lee 5/9 168yds 3 tds 198 yds rushing 2 tds Rb Witschey 101yds rushing 1 td WR armour 3 rec 149yds 3 tds 49 yds rushing
  4. Kelly must be the entire defense then..... nobody on that field was faster than Cooper’s qb . I doubt Kelly would have caught him . Running gaps were wide open. Corners were beat all night. Superb game for Cooper. Also NCC had at least 8 chances from mistakes and penalties and they didn’t take advantage. All Cooper needs is a deep safety and they’ll be competitive on defense
  5. 7 beechwood 5 Scott 3 simon Kenton 2 Bellevue 1 highlands Tiebreaker :beechwood
  6. Just some observations for next game. -NCC has a lot of size and I’m optimistic Cooper’s line will do good but eventually get tired. - wristbands definitely should be used a lot more - every team is locked in on lee maybe put armour at qb for some screen passes to get him in open space. - keep #20 Floyd (I think)in at all times he was a playmaker. - pull the wide receiver in on the weak side to make it easier to get outside . - maybe a change in tempo could help tire some of these big dudes out . Signals/hurry up. - drink lots of water , I saw a lot of cramping from the humidity last Friday.
  7. My son will be 5 next summer . Suited and booted and excited to hit something. Can’t help if that offends you.
  8. That’s great. I don’t blame them, if 4 year olds are capable of playing I think they should. All that time and experience is showing now.
  9. Hopefully swift gets most of the carries this year , if so , he gonna tear up the sec.
  10. Cooper had 222 yards rushing when lee was not in the backfield . Now with 2 great runners and Armour at wr, I think highlands has its hands full. 44-22 Highlands (2017). 28-17 Cooper (2018)
  11. 7 Covington Catholic 5 Campbell county 3 Cooper 2 Ludlow 1 Scott 1st Tiebreaker : Cov Cath
  12. I would say Cooper just needed a wake call. Ryle was that. They had a totally different energy.
  13. The final score 28-0 jags. Cooper performed well with most of the starters out. Dixie might have another rebuilding year.
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