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  1. That's true as well, but it makes one question whether the death rates are accurate as well. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how numbers are reported.
  2. You are likely correct. There were a couple of local high school soccer players that tested positive this week. I know one of the two was tested again the next day as well as the day after and those tests came back negative. The health department said the original test produced a false positive, yet it still sticks on the daily numbers as a positive case.
  3. An old fashioned with a single large ice cube.
  4. Love all three, but would probably have to pick Chinese in a very narrow margin. Mainly due to all of the different options you have with Chinese food.
  5. So far there are 7 teams committed to this seasons AIT, Ashland is looking for 1 more to fill the remaining spot. Teams committed are: Ashland Greenwood Covington Holy Cross Henry Clay Collins Pikeville Oldham County
  6. Original Snyder chips and a handful of them actually go on the sandwich.
  7. Medium rare if I'm cooking it myself or at a restaurant that I know can get it right. If I'm eating somewhere that is inconsistent I'll tell them rare, knowing good and well that its going to come out medium rare.
  8. I don't know a lot about Morgantown but do know that a new restaurant is opening there and you should check it out, The Winchester. The owners are from Florida but have a couple of restaurants in Ashland and the food is great. One of the best things about it is you can either eat a really high end dinner, or a really nice dinner for less money, depends on what you wanna spend. If you go all out its gonna be expensive but you are going to get the best restaurant food in the area. If you want something cheaper like a grouper sandwich and fries that'll run ya about $16, so there is something for everyone.
  9. Kayaking for sure. It can be super relaxing at a slow pace and finding coves to sit in. Or you can go the whitewater or large lakes route and turn the intensity up a bit. Put in Bay on Lake Erie is my favorite place to kayak. If you're in the bay the water is calm and you can just relax. But if you go out of the bay you're playing around in constant 4+ foot seas, due to the boat traffic as much as the size of the lake.
  10. But back to trusting the numbers issue.. Aren't the numbers what is being used for said guidelines? So if you can't trust the numbers I could see people nit willing to follow the guidelines that said numbers produced. Its kinda a catch 22.
  11. They have been researching covid in general for years. They likely have a vaccine or at least a working treatment for it. Then this new version, covid-19 was either accidentally released from their research facility or its a whole new breed of covid. Yet it's the only version of it that has crashed economies all around the world. So yeah if they have a vaccine or treatment they intend to sell them for profit.
  12. The bolded is the best I can come up with at the moment.
  13. Not a big fan of sweets in general, but ill occasionally partake in a brownie.
  14. Right, its kinda a wait and see approach from me with the facts, at least until they quit changing and the experts start coming to a common agreement.
  15. I get that, but the facts keep changing, so it makes one wonder if they may change again. Originally we thought it arrived here in late February or early March, now we're saying January or late December. Same with China backtracking on when it first showed up there, so who's to say we don't continue to backtrack and determine that it was actually here before January? I trust science, but in a scenario like this you don't always get it right the first time. After all you can only present what info you have to work with and since people weren't being tested in November and December they're working with incomplete data.
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