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  1. It seems like most that want everyone to wear masks are concerned about whether football is going to be played more than the virus itself. Trust me I love football, have even spent some time writing on it, I generally love all sports. But it makes me question the reasoning behind why people (sports related sites in general) are so bent out of shape about people not wearing masks because it will it effect sports if you don't wear a mask. Is this about sports, masks, or the virus? If it's about the virus and people are scared to walk in a store without a mask on then fall sports should be completely out of the question. Because those kids won't be playing with masks on, they will be sweating on each other, touching each other, etc. All of which is against the "rules." So what I'm getting at is if this is about health and safety as far as masks go, why are sports even in the discussion? Because if its not safe to walk in a store without a mask on its surely not safe to play sports without a mask on.
  2. The flu, yes. Covid-19, who knows? We were told that heat would kill/weaken it, that turns out to not be true. Of course unless the numbers are wrong hah. But it likely hasn't been here for a full year yet even if it was here well before we discovered it. So we really have no idea what it will be like in the fall, just like we don't what the real numbers are right now. Regardless I don't see fall sports happening this season.
  3. Football is already done for this season in my opinion, masks or no masks. Until we quit being scared of this virus as a whole this is the new normal. At least until we destroy the economy to the point that we have no option ofther than opening things back up. There will not be a vaccine prior to football season and even if there was it wouldn't have time to be tested among the general public to see if it works or not. So yeah, football isn't happening whether I wear a mask tomorrow or not and it has nothing to do with the mask, its due to fear mongering.
  4. Those people are exposed to so many germs that make their way through the masks that they likely have a very strong immune system.
  5. It would be hard to find much credible information on it because its never been forced upon large swaths of the population before, kinda like this virus, there isn't much credible information on it either. Hygiene should always be practiced so there is nothing wrong with kids washing their hands hah. When it is taken to an extreme it can become counter productive though. If kids never have a chance to build an immune system they're going to get sick more often. I'm not talking about constant exposure, just your average day to day exposure like we do with the flu, etc. Also a lot of people don't have the opportunity to only be spending an hour or two a day amongst the public unless they're retired.
  6. You have the risk of getting sick one way or another every day. As cases rise with this virus we are learning that its no where near as deadly as we were told. So if I can build somewhat of an immunity to it by not wearing a mask everywhere then I'll choose to do that and hopefully fight it off if I do get it. I'd rather take that approach myself. This isn't going away anytime soon, if ever. Once there is a working vaccine, if there ever is, how effective will it be and how long will that take? So how long am I supposed to wear the mask and weaken my immune system? Until they tell me so? That doesn't work for me.
  7. Your immune system strengthens itself over time from being exposed to germs, viruses, etc. Thats how flu shots, etc work, the flu is present in the shot and after getting the shot your body builds more antibodies to it. Take away exposure to all germs and viruses and you may as well live in a bubble or you're gonna get sick and your immune system may not be able to fight it. I don't get my news from social media, but do have several health professionals in my family. You start taking away germs and you're going to weaken your immune system over time.
  8. Wouldn't it be selfish to force me to wear a mask when I may feel like doing so could weaken my immune system as well? That idealogy works both ways.
  9. To each their own. I'm not sure how long it takes to weaken an immune system due to lack of exposure to germs. But if its anything like when people that diet quit doing that or people that excessive regularly stop doing that then it could happen quickly. Everyone's body is different, I don't need to go to the gym or diet to stay in shape, but some people do. I've also seen how quick things change when those people quit doing that and I don't want my immune system regressing at that type of speed from eliminating germs from my daily activities.
  10. Similar experience during that time frame with my family and a few of my friends. I don't know what it was and myself and my wife and our daughter had lighter cases of it, never needed medical attention, though my daughter did go to the doctor due to missing school and the flu test came back negative. My mom and her twin sister both had it pretty bad and both tested negative for both types of the flu, their doctors said it was a severe upper respitory infection and both were prescribed zpacks. A few days later they were feeling fine, just tired.
  11. So a quick question then, since you rarely get sick. Did you typically wear a mask when frequenting indoor public places prior to covid, or is this something new that you are doing? If its new, then maybe the reason you don't get sick often is due to the fact that you have a strong immune system. Unfortunately, the mask, constant hand sanitizing etc, will weaken said immune system over time.
  12. Your philosophy isn't a bad one, as you are staying away from people that aren't wearing masks and they should do the same and respect your space. Non mask wearers shouldn't be told to stay at home though, just like the people that are scared of getting covid shouldn't be told to stay at home, everyone should have that choice as well as option to wear or not wear the mask. Personally I've spent most of my life building my immune system by not being a germaphobe, nor am I someone that runs and gets medicine every time I get a sore throat, etc. In other words I'd rather rely more on my immune system to prevent me from getting sick than running to the doctor or pharmacy every time I get a sniffle. So I'm not fond of wearing the mask, using a bottle of hand sanitizer every day all while weakening my immune system in the process. To each their own, Imo. I don't try to force my ideology on others and I don't need them to tell me how to not get sick. For the past 37 years I've done pretty well at not getting sick while following my own beliefs about that.
  13. My thoughts as well. Unfortunately its multiple forms of control, all of which are negative for that type of business and its employees. One negative is a lot of people that refuse to wear the mask, will not go out to eat, which is a loss of business to the restaurant/bar as well as tips for employees. Some will likely do take out but again sales will drop as well as tips for employees that survive on those. Then in the end no matter how you look at it, its a form of control for those that don't wish to wear the mask as well as the businesses that do not want to enforce it. That said, its not gonna work.
  14. So this mask thing, how do you eat your food or drink your beer while at a restaurant/bar? If I take my mask off to do those two things then my mask won't be on very often, so whats the point in having me wear it to walk in the door?
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