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  1. Right.. Which isn't possible. So for the millionth time we're just gonna have to deal with it and accept that its not going to just go away.
  2. So I did my own experiment today to try to find a real purpose for the masks. For anyone that doesn't know, a good friend of mine and myself run a lawncare/landscaping business. Some customers want their leafs hauled off others prefer to just have us to mulch them up. Mulching them makes a dusty environment if they are dry, today they were so I wore my covid mask on one of the jobs. To put it bluntly it did not work, at all. When I got home to shower I had to clean the leaf dust out of my nose just like I had to last year without wearing a mask. You can see the leaf dust floating around in the air while we are mulching, so its certainly not as fine of a particle as this virus is. Yet its being pounded in my head that the masks work? Yeah I'm not following along with that if they don't keep leaf dust out of my nose.
  3. I for one don't think anything will be played going forward. If we don't change the mindset that covid goes away by shutting things down then I doubt the kids will finish this school year in person either. Its not gonna just decide to go away one day, it'll be around for the rest of our lives.
  4. Also I think JC is one of the red counties I believe. I couldn't see that as a probable match up.
  5. Ashland is willing to play even if they have to travel again. Someone give them a game.
  6. You know I'm not a mask guy, id rather build and keep my immune system strong. Just recently the numbers in my area spiked, yet masks have been being worn for how many months now? Makes one wonder if the numbers are going up due to weakening immune systems from wearing masks religiously. I personally know someone that developed pneumonia and the doctor told her it was likely from constantly wearing the mask and not changing it often enough. I will say that I was surprised of lack of masks being worn in certain places during a trip to Cincinnati this weekend though. From a lot of what I've read on here and given the Norrthern Kentucky base that are members of this forum I expected to see masks everywhere. Jungle Jim's was the only place we visited that I would say over 90% of people were wearing masks. I won't name the others because I don't want them to get in trouble if they're supposed to be enforcing it, but one of them I'd say less than 20% of people were wearing masks unless in crowded areas.
  7. Yeah, its not gonna happen. I believe the plan is to try and work something out for this coming Saturday with Pikeville, then West Carter the week after. Hopefully it plays out and would give each of those teams a good game prior to the playoffs.
  8. Unfortunately they may not get to play another regular season game unless they can work something out with Pikeville and West Carter. They were really fortunate to be able to work something out with Bell County on such short notice for both schools. They only traveled with 40 players (about half of the team) due to nit being able to secure enough busses on such short notice. As for the game itself I haven't had a chance to watch the film yet but it seems like Bell County moved the ball fairly well but Ashland's defense stepped up on third down plays and forced some turnovers. They also kept Pittman in check for the first two and a half quarters, but Ashland has enough team speed and other threats to break long runs to just key in on one player and walk away with a win.
  9. 21-0 Ashland at the half, Tomcats will receive the ball to start the second half.
  10. 1st and goal Ashland with 1:45 left in the half. TD Ashland, xp is good. Ashland leads 21-0 with 1:31 left in the half.
  11. They're having connection issues at the stadium. Not sure if they'll be able to get it straightened out or not but they will replay the game in HD once they can get it uploaded to their studio in Ashland.
  12. They do a really good job of covering all of the local schools. Their video feed is always high quality as well.
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