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  1. I believe Porter is fine. He took a beating in that game but he's a gamer and the incident everyone is referring to was a cramp.
  2. These Tomcats play defense as well. That always gets overlooked it seems.
  3. I've never been to a Costco but I do love sams club for certain things, mainly bulk household items. Their meat can be really good as well if you know what to look for.
  4. Ashland likely isn't a top 20 team at the moment but I do believe that they will get there and be in the hunt come tournament time. The offense and ball movement just isn't there yet, but I expected that to be the case early in the season.
  5. After Ashland picked up Marcum everyone thought I was crazy when I said Ashland may actually regress a bit to start the season. They will be fine once the new offense gels though.
  6. We still have one locally across the bridge in South Point, Ohio, though I don't know if it survived covid or not. My mother ate at that one a few years ago with my aunt and uncle and she ended up with food poisoning.
  7. Ponderosa for me as well. My aunt and uncle would eat there once a week and always invited me when I was in middle school. I always got the sirloin and salad bar and loved both, but I wouldn't eat anything from there now. Honestly I don't do buffets at all anymore unless its seafood and thats just for the crab legs.
  8. What a great match up to start the season. Ashland returns a lot and picked up a couple of nice additions, but it may take some time for them to come together due to having a legitimate big man which will likely change their style of play a little. I feel like this one is a toss up this early in the season but ill take Ashland due to their scrappy defense and ability to hit clutch shots. It will be interesting to see how coach Mays integrates Marcum into the offense. He is enough of a threat in the post that the inside/out game could open up some good looks from long range for the Ashland guar
  9. Its gonna be difficult to rank teams throughout this entire season, in my opinion, especially in the preseason.
  10. Ashland needed a close game to put things back into perspective. Defense wins championships and this group of Tomcats knows defense.
  11. Right.. Which isn't possible. So for the millionth time we're just gonna have to deal with it and accept that its not going to just go away.
  12. So I did my own experiment today to try to find a real purpose for the masks. For anyone that doesn't know, a good friend of mine and myself run a lawncare/landscaping business. Some customers want their leafs hauled off others prefer to just have us to mulch them up. Mulching them makes a dusty environment if they are dry, today they were so I wore my covid mask on one of the jobs. To put it bluntly it did not work, at all. When I got home to shower I had to clean the leaf dust out of my nose just like I had to last year without wearing a mask. You can see the leaf dust floating around
  13. I for one don't think anything will be played going forward. If we don't change the mindset that covid goes away by shutting things down then I doubt the kids will finish this school year in person either. Its not gonna just decide to go away one day, it'll be around for the rest of our lives.
  14. Also I think JC is one of the red counties I believe. I couldn't see that as a probable match up.
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