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  1. He is a great player. Caught my eye last year at the 7on7's at KCU, the kid has a ton of potential and is really fun to watch.
  2. Thats likely because its not a law, just a recommendation. Some businesses will violate said recommendation to stay in business. Its hard times for small businesses due to these recommendations. If wearing a mask really works why do they need to lower capacity if their customers are wearing masks? Makes no sense to me. Ahh nevermind, I forgot that you only need to wear a mask in a restaurant when you're not seated. Again though, that makes no sense either.
  3. How do you know that? You must be a lot better than I when it comes to predicting actual numbers. If you can give me accurate numbers on this virus from all different methods countries around the world use to report it then you should also play the lottery, you may win big.
  4. But again how do you know? Our numbers should be near the top just due to the sheer number of people, as well as how much Americans travel within the country as well as outside of it. Throw in a bunch of false positives as well as duplicate positives due to infected people being tested daily at times, yet it still counts as a new positive case until they test negative, most countries aren't testing and reporting numbers that way. Don't get me started on deaths and what the people in Illinois said was being included in that instance.
  5. What if everyone's numbers are wrong? The simple answer is no countries numbers are correct with this and they all accumulate deaths and positive cases differently, so its hard to compare it that way.
  6. I know nothing about the YouTube payouts but if its anything like tiktok there is money to be made. Our sons friend moved from Russell to L.A. right out of high school from tiktok money, he has a manager and such. His manager did tell him to move his "fans" to other platforms though because tiktok will likely be shut down here.
  7. So how long will it be before goggles are mandated to go to the grocery store? However long it takes to make millions of goggles?
  8. It can be done at home, though most people don't know how to do it, so you're likely right about most people overcooking their steaks at home. A lot of the nice steakhouses use sous vide these days to slow cook the steaks then they essentially just sear them to finish them. If you have the right grill you can do the same at home (or of course you could sous vide it at home) just by grilling indirect at a low temperature. If you want it to be medium rare just pull it off the grill when its rare, heat the grill to searing temps and put a quick sear on the steak.
  9. A 2" thick t-bone if I'm cooking it myself. Best of both worlds as you get a strip and a filet, bone in. At a restaurant it really depends on how well I trust them to get the internal temperature right. But generally I go with a filet or a ribeye as both are hard to screw up even if you don't get the internal temp right. I love prime rib as well but its hard to find a good prime rib at a restaurant and I only due a couple a year at home due to the price and how much meat that gets turned into leftovers.
  10. I can't do it, the only thing I know would be roasted potatoes would come in last. But I really like those as well.
  11. Wearing the mask actually does take away one of your rights in two of our great states.
  12. Yes, it actually does. PM me if you want to know what I'm talking about and I will message you back tomorrow. I don't really want to put it in public because its a grey area as far as terms of service goes.
  13. Again I cant get into that but wearing the mask takes away certain rights.
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