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  1. Porter playing hurt or not playing at all that would be a game changer. It would surely affect the game strategy of both teams offensively and defensively.
  2. Finals are tomorrow and I think that they have to get past McCracken County and Ashland Blazer first.
  3. I've seen Vinson play. He is a really good player. Muhlenberg will have to find a way to limit him to about 20. Can they, I don't know. That's why they play the game. I wish both teams a good game and an injury free game.
  4. Muhlenberg County will have to keep Highlands score in the 50s to win this game.
  5. First Round Winners 1 Elizabethtown 1 Oldham Co. 1 Ballard 1 Bowling Green 1 Boyle Co. 1 Ashland 1 Bullitt East 1 Highlands Second Round Winners 2 Elizabethtown 2 Ballard 2 Ashland 2 Highlands Finalists 3 Ballard 3 Ashland State Champion 5 Ashland Tiebreak (points in the final game) - 146
  6. In light of the recent upsets is there anyone willing pick a final four. This could be fun but not for the faint of heart. So here goes. My state tournament final four. Elizabethtown Ballard Ashland Highlands
  7. This seasons playoff has produced yet another upset. Numbers 1,2,4 and 5 are now out of the playoffs.
  8. Tomcats have so many weapons, you just never know which one is going to step and make the big play. Congratulations Tomcats!
  9. Moore for Rowan County just got his 3rd foul. That could be really big.
  10. But they will also have to stay out of foul trouble.
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