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  1. Nah McDonalds isn’t a holy enough place for lil Ole Clemson. They just take up a second collection plate at Newspring Church and slip some bills in the bulletins every Sunday.
  2. Both fanbases 100% have their flaws and probably near the top of teams other fanbases can’t stand. Neither has ever ruined the reputation of a good man and a good football coach for no reason other than they thought they deserved a better coach...
  3. JA, I think you and I could quarterback Ohio State next year. Haha Olave and Ruckert decide to come back. The number 1 WR in the class 3 years in a row with Wilson, Fleming, and Egbuka. Plus JSN, Jameson Williams, Scott Jr., Marvin Harrison, and Ballard? I mean my lord. This has to be right there with the Bama receiving class from 2 years ago with Ruggs, Jeudy, Smith, and Waddle right? Just an absolute embarrassment of riches for CJ Stroud to throw to.
  4. With regards to college football, I’ve never seen a fanbase given the power that Tennessee’s did when the hired and fired Schiano. To empower wealthy boosters is one thing, but letting Jim Bob from Morristown, TN who hasn’t taken a single class at the University of Tennessee feel like his opinion matters on who the football coach is, is absurd. Tennessee football deserves whatever they have coming to them.
  5. Fiancée bought us a bunch from Athleta. I love them. Double layered for protection but more breathable than anything else I’ve tried. Only mask I can wear to the gym and not get irritated wearing it. Not really a fan of the neck gaiter. I’d love to be able to wear them because they are way more convenient, but maybe it’s the way my head is shaped or something but they always slide off my nose and I don’t like how the fabric is touching my mouth at all times. Makes it harder to talk while wearing it.
  6. Who would’ve thought that after being hired and fired at UT that Greg Schiano would be at a better job... at Rutgers... Yikes.
  7. What does that have to do with anything? The Tennessee fanbase is toxic. It’s becoming the most toxic fanbase in all of sports with Clay Travis as the cult leader.
  8. The rankings posted in here were just summarized down to the top 10. The actual rankings are top 25.
  9. Almost like a fan base that ran Greg Schiano out of town for literally no reason doesn’t deserve to be happy...
  10. So wait you’re telling me that Tennessee started off the 2021 class hotter than any team in the country in recruiting, they then lost a ton of those recruits and some people were naïve enough to think something fishy wasn’t going on? That’s good Ole Rocky Top for ya...
  11. This was the difference between Alabama and everyone else this past year. They got players to come back. Now we have Ruckert, Mumford, Togiai, Garrett, and Smith coming back. These are all huge and likely means they have seen enough from Stroud to know he can lead them for another playoff run.
  12. Those are the type of guys Urban is trying to get. He’s trying to go after guys that have an established career in the NFL. Raheem Morris is going to be the DC,
  13. He isn’t taking any of them with him. Only person he’s taking is Ryan Stamper who runs the real life Wednesday program.
  14. There is no such thing really as children’s food once you get past the baby food level. I mean chicken nuggets are great at any age. Now I will say if you order chicken nuggets or strips at a normal sit down restaurant you probably need to grow up, but just having some Tyson chicken nuggets in the freezer or getting some fast food chicken nuggets every once in a while is great at any age. I’ll add sugary cereal to the list as well as something traditionally marketed to kids but is great as an adult too.
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