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  1. The issue with spring football is you’re going to be asking college students to play 2 full seasons of football in a calendar year. I don’t think that’s fair to do. I’ve never thought the movement to move football to the spring is a good idea.
  2. I get what you’re saying, but I disagree with some aspects of it. I think it would dramatically help some of those smaller schools in recruiting and it would place a huge benefit to those schools who are perennially top G5 programs. UC, UCF, Boise State. Look no further than what TCU did after joining the Big 12. They competed almost instantly and rose to the top of the conference after just a couple years. Those top G5 schools every year aren’t going to get smacked around by the P5 schools. Move UCF and UC up to the ACC this year and they would instantly compete. I’m not sure I would hand either of those teams a guaranteed loss to anyone in the ACC besides Clemson. That only helps them in recruiting. Then let’s look at it from a Kansas or Arkansas perspective. They need to build their programs. It would be dramatically easier to build your program by winning 8-9 games a year in a G5 conference and work your way back up to competing at a power 5 level. Those programs are just dreadful and it takes positive momentum to build a program. There’s no positive momentum to be found at the bottom of a power 5 conference and get your brains beat in year in and year out. I would think the Kansas, Rutgers, Arkansas, Vandy, Oregon States, of the world would relish that opportunity not scoff at it. The money would be the biggest factor, but if the conferences had a partnership then the revenue sharing would be more equitable anyways.
  3. It should operate very similarly with regards to that. I think it’d be great for the sport. The smaller G5 schools will be able to get some of the revenue from the P5 conferences. They get to prove their case that they deserve to be in consideration for the playoff. Think about the UCF thing that happened. UCF would have moved up to the ACC the year after going undefeated. They would have been able to prove that they belong the next year. We could have had an epic matchup between Clemson and UCF that next year. I think it would be amazing for the sport. It would give schools like Rutgers, Arkansas, Kansas, etc. the ability to get their footing and build better programs by winning more games, making a bowl game, gaining confidence. Then once they get to that level again, they’ll be much more competitive. It also would make matchups at the end of the year about irrelevant teams, matter because they don’t want to get relegated. Bottom line, more meaningful football. More to play for than just a national title and a bowl game. I think it would be the best thing to happen to college football ever or at least since the introduction of the BCS and having an actual national championship game.
  4. I say to all of them what I say to ND, join a conference. ND had the ability at the last minute to join the ACC this year. I get these other schools don’t have that. But when you have 5 Power 5 conferences and 5 Group of 5 conferences and each P5 has a G5 conference geographically in the same region, it makes sense to play them. In my perfect world it would look something like this. The Big 10 and the MAC come together and form an alliance. Set up a relegation type system so for instance the top 2 teams in the MAC move up to the Big 10 the next year and the 2 worst big ten teams move down to the MAC the next year. I think that would be great for the sport.
  5. I mean that would equate to 3.00 ERA for the rotation and a 9.00 ERA in the pen. Horrifically bad.
  6. I’m sure there is a stat out there somewhere but the Reds have to have to biggest discrepancy between production from starting rotation to the pen of any team in baseball. One quality start after the other from the rotation. All 5 guys are pitching lights out. The bullpen has been handed the lead basically every game so far this year and we’re under .500. It’s so infuriating to have a team this talented fail to put together wins because the bullpen can’t put teams away. I have zero issue with what Bell is doing. This is a rushed season, 16 teams are making the playoffs this year so with a team like this you’re just treading water knowing if you can get to the postseason you’re starters are going to put you in position to win and they can go longer in to games. But we have to get there first.
  7. Good work CWB! Any idea what those nitrates are used to produce? I’m assuming not fireworks.
  8. Very clear that there were fireworks there, but the fireworks going off would simply be a product of the ignition inside. Whatever the giant explosion was from was certainly not fireworks. If there are any chemists on here I’m sure they could shed some light on what is was that made the smoke red after the explosion. That should give a ton of insight of what exactly went off,
  9. Yay. It all starts with an alternative to the NCAA.
  10. The Reds should have gone 14 innings of shut out baseball if it wasn’t for that error/ miscommunication between Senzel and Castellanos in game 1. Still 2 wins yesterday was exactly what this team needed. I’d like to go at least 1 week of the top 5 guys in the order all being healthy/available. It wasn’t the perfect start to this season, but I do think they are still in great shape.
  11. I think there is another option that is probably the most likely option for the Big 12. Play 10 conference games and you play a “rival” twice. So Texas/ OU, TCU/Baylor, Kansas/Kansas St., Texas Tech/ Iowa State, Oklahoma State/West Virginia. I don’t think the Big 12 wants to be the only conference that plays an OOC game.
  12. So is Mike Trout to blame for the Angels not making the playoffs the whole time he’s been there? He’s hands down the best player in the sport and is quickly rising up the ranks as one of the greatest ever. But the Angels stink. Do you blame Trout for that?
  13. There are several different types of people that can make money from YouTube or other social media platforms. 1) Children. They aren’t working. Still living under mom and dads roof. Lots of free time. A lot of these kids are really “California Teens.” I don’t understand their world. I don’t find their content entertaining and quite honestly California teens are scary. 2) You have to have a unique hobby that people find interesting. It doesn’t have to be interesting to everyone, but it has to be towards your target audience. You aren’t going to make money from it until years down the road. So it has to start off as a true hobby. 3) You have to have a career that you can showcase your knowledge to others. The best example of this is probably golf. Rick Shiels is a great example. For those that don’t know, he’s a golf instructor in the UK. He started off just doing club reviews and instructional videos on YouTube to build on his day job of instructing clients in person. He has built a huge following based on his great content. He does a great job of engagement with viewers and has fun challenges and stuff but he built his channel based on the knowledge he had from his career and gives it to others. Now he makes quite a bit of money from YouTube. Has a sponsorship with Nike. But it was years and years of daily video content that brought him this life. If you fit one of these categories, yeah you can definitely make significant money long term.
  14. I’m used to hate from me not liking ketchup. Haha I’ve dealt with it my whole life. I just like to think of it as my taste buds are just vastly superior. 😂
  15. What are you confused about? @Jumper_Dad That I don’t like ketchup or that I dip fries in ranch? Haha
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