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  1. I mean it’s Yadier Molina he deserves zero respect from anyone in the game as far as I’m concerned.
  2. Yeah no kidding. This may be the best unintentional and unfortunate good pr ever. I mean hitting a tree at 75 mph and not only did Tiger survive but suffered minor injuries relative to the severity of the accident.
  3. Yadier Molina is and always be the biggest crybaby in MLB.
  4. There probably isn’t a field in NKy that need turf more than Meinken. That field was tragically bad back when I played. Always hated those trips to play Holmes or Holy Cross because of this field. Looks phenomenal now though.
  5. Trade back with Carolina and the first 5 picks will be QBs IMO. That guarantees Carolina gets one of the top QBs, and guarantees the Bengals get one of Sewell, Chase, Pitts, or Slater. I think it’s a win-win for everyone involved. I would be on the phone with Carolina until they agree to it. The Bengals have to do everything they can to attempt that trade.
  6. Urban Meyer prior to taking the Jaguars job was “associate AD” at OSU which essentially meant he just showed up at fundraising events for the athletic department. That’s a role he could have kept at Ohio State for as long as he wants it. It’s not uncommon.
  7. It was asked if UC fans are happy or bitter for Mick, but how about UK fans with Juzang? You have to imagine he would have been a great asset to UK this year considering his success at UCLA.
  8. UK fans would hate Bennett. UK needs a big personality at head coach and star power players. While Bennett has been really successful at UVA, that culture is a bad fit in Lexington IMO.
  9. Best uniforms in the history of UK basketball IMO. If I remember correctly the entire SEC or at least the Nike schools in the SEC all had this same type of jersey for the last part of the season and the SEC Tournament. But it’s a great look.
  10. To be fair Ohio State drove the ball to the hoop in the final seconds and didn’t get a shot off multiple times this season. I’m just glad they got a shot off this time.
  11. Anyone else extremely annoyed at the fact that Abmas is pronounced Ace-miss? Haha
  12. Imagine Pitino winning a title at all 3 points in the golden triangle. It would honestly be incredible and really fun to watch.
  13. Agreed with that. They aren’t staying in a Days Inn. They’re staying at JW Marriott, The Omni, and other really nice hotels in Indy. The kids are perfectly fine. Eat, sleep, play basketball, and play video games. I don’t feel bad for them haha.
  14. The elite eight loss to West Virginia was a massive choke job IMO. Not a final 4 or championship, but still a massive choke.
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