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  1. I am not on the fire Zac Taylor bandwagon at all. He’s succeeding at what he’s supposed to be good at. The offense looks great and despite our gripes, the offensive line is improving and they are doing things offensively to take pressure off the line. But now is the time to grow up and get rid of Lou Anarumo. It’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s doing. We have players on defense who are vocally frustrated and the defense is clearly not being set up in a position to be successful.
  2. Yep. The Chargers game should’ve at least went to overtime. Should’ve beat the Eagles. Blew a 21 point lead last week. Should’ve beat Cleveland today. We have to start winning the close games. I don’t know what the solution is, but no team should be this bad in close games.
  3. Isn’t that the motto on the welcome to Cleveland sign? Or wait doesn’t the sign actually read, “Why are you in Cleveland?”
  4. Baker Mayfield is at best the 4th best QB currently in the state of Ohio. Burrow> Fields > Ridder> Mayfield.
  5. That’s cute considering Baker is the biggest talker in the league.
  6. If I hear one more time how great Baker was after his rough start, I’m going to lose it. The rough start is Baker. Every QB that is contracted by an NFL team would have put up decent numbers against the Bengals invisible pass rush.
  7. Mayfield is a bum. The 2 best passes thrown all year were by Landry.
  8. If we aren’t in position to draft Sewell, we HAVE to get the best past rusher available. Every single team that is good in this league has an elite pash rusher. You have to have a player that can take over the game on a drive Iike that to end the game. One sack and the game is over. It’s so damn frustrating.
  9. Every QB in the league would have done that when you have all day to throw. Baker still sucks, the Browns are the biggest frauds in the league.
  10. We finally get pressure on the first play of the last drive and the corner completely wiffs on Mayfield who isn’t hard to bring down.
  11. This D Line is trash. Absolutely zero pressure all day.
  12. Agreed. I thought it was a clear false start instead of offsides. That penalty is still upsetting to me. I can’t believe the head official was so easily talked out of it.
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