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  1. UC wins over Notre Dame would be better than anything on UKs schedule. Notre Dames resume will likely be better as well. Same with a 1 loss Michigan or Michigan State. Kentucky is dead and buried and far as the playoff unless Georgia somehow loses 2 games between now and then and UK gets a shot at Bama.
  2. There is such a big gap between Georgia/Ohio State/Bama and everyone else. I think Oklahoma and UC are clearly the best of the rest. But both lose to any of the top 3 schools by a minimum of 17 points. I really just want to get another shot at Oregon. What I want to see happen: Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon, and Cincy. I worry for UC though because I still need to see it to believe it before I think they get in over a 1 loss P5 Champ or even a 1 loss non conference champ. Let’s say Mich State or Michigan only have 1 loss to Ohio State. I don’t think it’s crazy to say that they would get in over UC. We already know that if Bama knocks over UGA that they are both getting in. I think that could happen in the B1G as well and it would be at the expense of UC.
  3. I’m not sure how this season is really any different than the majority of Harbaughs seasons at UM. This is what they do. I was at the game Saturday. Michigan got dominated by Nebraska physically in that game. Credit to Michigan for not making the mistakes and winning the game, but that’s not an elite football team. At the end of the day, I don’t think they’re better than OSU, PSU, or MSU. If they can win 1 of those games and finish 10-2 Harbaugh will likely be fine. If they lose all 3 (which I think they will) it’s the same situation over and over again.
  4. Morning after thoughts: Stroud is going to be really good. He’s Dwayne Haskins when it comes to talent. He will never be Fields. No one will. Just need him to have Fields work ethic with Haskins talent and this team will be just fine. I think he has that. He’ll make mistakes, but Olave and Wilson will bail him out until he gets comfortable. No worries at all when it comes to Stroud. Ohio States ability to win a national championship does not rest on his shoulders. Denzel Burke is a freshman all-American and I don’t think you can take him off the field the rest of the year even when Brown and Banks come back. Burke got picked on last night but I loved the way he played. By years end he will undoubtably be our best corner. I don’t understand targeting. If you think you do you’re wrong. I love the defensive scheme change to the base 4-2-5. Simply because it gets our best athletes on the field at all times and we shouldn’t ever put ourselves in position again to have a Tuf Borland on the field against an Alabama. But those 2 linebackers have to be disciplined on play fakes. Playing single high with corners giving space, the slant route is open 100% of the time if the linebackers bite up on a play fake. I get it Minnesota is a run heavy team with a monstrous OL. I personally think that may be the best OL we play all year unless we face Alabama again. I get that the natural instinct is to help up on the run, but you’re leaving your corners out to dry when you do that and then they look like the bad guys. Need to fix that this week because I’m sure Oregon is going to try to exploit that. Josh Proctor played his best game as a Buckeye last night. Our best defenses in recent memory 2016 and 2019, Malik Hooker and Jordan Fuller were the most important players to the overall success of the defense. Need that type of play from Proctor. Treveon Henderson is going to win a heisman before he leaves Ohio State. My god that dude is special. Also how can you not love Miyan Williams? Under recruited kid who came to Ohio State, committed to getting his body in better shape, and is now a certified stud. That’s such a good 1-2 punch.
  5. I think Teddy Bridgewater is the perfect comparison.
  6. I think he gives him the full Justin Fields playbook.
  7. I think Day is going to throw Stroud to the wolves on Thursday and I think he’ll be just fine. Have to see it to believe it with the back 7 but looking forward to seeing how they utilize the “bullet” position.
  8. FOX is facilitating those talks.
  9. So essentially this has more to do with FOX than it does anything else. New conference and playoff tv deals are coming up. Fox and the Big 10 are obviously tied at the hip like the SEC and ESPN are. Adding OU and Texas essentially behind everyone’s back while pushing the agenda for playoff expansion that would clearly favor the new SEC that not only would have 2 more teams than any other teams but those 2 teams are a top 5 program in the country right now and the most profitable program in the country. The announcement of the “alliance” was fumbled. There was no need for an announcement except to essentially say we are doing something. But FOX put every detail of this together and is letting the conferences take the fall. The only reason the ACC is involved is because they got absolutely hosed by ESPN on their tv deal. ESPN is paying pennies for the ACC Network and their tv rights. In the end though I think ESPN and FOX are both making attempts to seize as much power as possible because as scared as they are of each other, Apple and Amazon will eventually come along and be able to outbid them both and there will be nothing they can do about it.
  10. Very excited about the upcoming season but also a bit concerned. Supposedly the theme is a back to basics season. I’ve been rewatching some old seasons occasionally over the past year of so and the older seasons just allowed for so much more character development and story arcs. I loved that aspect of the show but if they can combine that with the more recent seasons better filming it will be perfect. I don’t understand the need for dropping essentially 2 weeks off of the show. There will now be a tribal council every other day and I’m not sure that will be a good change to the show. I’m hoping that it will somehow be explained due to COVID and it isn’t a permanent change to the show.
  11. From what I’ve taken away from the whole ordeal is that A&M wasn’t let in on the conversations and was purposely left out of the conversations. I think they have a right to be upset about that.
  12. Agreed. I consider myself a supporter of G5 football. That’s why even though they will be included in the new 12 team system, they should really just have their own playoff. I’d even be fine with making it a P6 by adding the AAC because despite not being on the P5 level, they are clearly leaps and bounds better than every other G5 league. But the MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and CUSA aren’t in a position where they deserve to be given an automatic spot just to be fodder for Alabama.
  13. Since we have adopted the 4 team playoff has there been a year where we are left with doubt that the team that won was the best team? No. That’s the goal and it’s working extremely well as far as I’m concerned. Every team in a power 5 conference going in to the season does control their own destiny going in to the season. Don’t lose. It’s that simple. Under the current structure, no power 5 team is going to be left out if they win their conference. It won’t happen. So they already control their destiny. If they lose a game then they lose the right to control their own destiny because if other teams go undefeated, they were better than that team for the entirety of the season. Week 1 matters just as much as week 13. The regular season is the playoff. Don’t lose, and you’re in. No questions asked. I don’t think that 12 teams is going to drastically change that. The top 4 teams are going to be wildly better than everyone else still. I don’t think adding more teams as fodder for Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State who have proved they belong over the course of the season does anything to make their national championship more legitimate. We have a legitimate champion already. I’m simply ok with the 12 team playoff structure because we get more football, more fun matchups, and the cool atmospheres of playoff games being played at a home field. It changes nothing as far as the legitimacy of the eventual champion. At least in my eyes.
  14. Exactly. People are infatuated with this idea of upsets. But upsets happen in the regular season of college football. They rarely happen in the college football playoff. I’m not sure we’ve had a legit upset (more than a 1or 2 point spread) in the playoff since the first year when Ohio State upset Bama and Oregon. Upsets can and likely will happen in those 5-12 seeds in the first round because that’s where its tougher to differentiate and all of those teams have shown multiple weaknesses that have been exploited at times during the regular season and caused them to lose a game or two. At the end of the day though it’s still basically a formality because it’s going to be Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and either Georgia or Oklahoma for the foreseeable future,
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