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  1. Growing up my family weren’t beach people. So that may play a big part of my opinion because I never really experienced it as a kid. But as an adult and having been to the beach multiple times, I honestly have no idea why people enjoy it. There’s nothing you can do at the beach that you can’t do back home in your yard. It’s so boring. I love the ocean and it’s definitely a relaxing environment, but the actual beach part sucks and no one can convince me otherwise. Sand sucks.
  2. Why is mine so low? Haha I didn’t realize you had downvoted me enough to offset all the likes I’ve gotten since joining BGP haha
  3. What does the community reputation mean?
  4. You trading futures or day trading Tennessee stock?
  5. It is kind of amazing that literally all of this could be solved and we’d probably be playing baseball already if they just had a salary cap.
  6. Somehow, someway Rob Manfred has made Roger Goodell look good. I didn’t think it was possible.
  7. How do you include UT in that list? Mizzou and SCar have had more recent success than UT. We’re only 1 year removed from UT being on a 3 year losing streak to Vandy. If there’s a pecking order, UT is no where near the top of the list.
  8. That wasn’t the question at hand though.
  9. Why? Bowden is really the only key loss.
  10. Georgia and Florida are above the rest of the East right now. After that it’s a toss up til you get to Vandy. I’d go UK, Tenn, Scar, Mizzou after UGA and UF. The 2 most intriguing games in the east though will be the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and the UK/UT game. Is the game in Lexington this year?
  11. Tennessee going after the quantity over quality. Definitely won’t last, but hey credit to them. They have a bad roster.
  12. Sounds like Houston missed the ball on testing before entering the facilities. Seems like every major program was doing testing prior to entering the facilities.
  13. Nothing quite hits like a Gatorade on a hot summer day.
  14. This is perhaps the best video I’ve seen about this topic all day. This guy parodies of a racist redneck is hysterical. http://https://twitter.com/brentterhune/status/1270873856295817224?s=21
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