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  1. I believe Trinity is doing something similar. 1/2 the kids on Monday, other half Tuesday, disinfect entire school Wed, 1/2 on Thur, other half on Fri and I assume disinfect over weekend.
  2. Being a private school, Trinity does not have to report its salaries to anyone and because T is part of the Catholic Church, it doesn't have to file a 990.
  3. I feel pretty confident it is not that high. I don't know what he makes off his summer football camps but that part of his compensation does not come from Trinity, it comes from camp attendees.
  4. I wonder why the family agreed to it unless the said paid for such silence?
  5. I would imagine the only people who know are Beatty (and I assume his wife), Trinity president Rob Mullin, T AD Rob Saxton and a few people in T's accounting office.
  6. I just don't see it happening this football season, if there is a football season. UK will probably be better than 5 or so years ago but I cannot see being as good as the past two.
  7. I wish I could say UK but I can't say it without a chuckle.
  8. That is for certain all departments of any decent size have cops who shouldn't have a badge but the problem is it may not be known until that person does something awful. I think we have all had that coworker who we assumed was a decent person until they do something to reveal their true colors. I would say LMPD could be at higher risk of this due to LMPD's compensation being so bad as compared to similar sized departments probably means LMPD hires some people who they would prefer not to but need the numbers.
  9. Guru may have been more correct about the bold than we originally knew. When St. Patrick's church in downtown Louisville was broken into, it was more than vandalized, it was out right desecrated. Along with damage, numerous anti God quotes such as "God is Dead" or "God is a (insert explitive)" spray painted all over. Regardless to whether you love God, Hate God or don't even believe in Him, how exactly does religious desecration achieve anything in regards to police brutality? Most civil rights leaders are religious ministers? I believe it was reported that Breonna was a church goer. It sounds as though other churches across the country have been targeted such as NYC's Cathedral. As I said above, Guru may have been more correct than we know that out right criminals are opportunists using the protests as cover for their alternative agendas which have little to do with Breonna or the gentleman in Minneapolis.
  10. Back to the argument of those saying what percent are peaceful protesters vs looting rioters, the girlfriend of a cop who has been manning the line/patrolling we talked with at dinner last night said time of day really determines the make up. In the evening during day light, mostly protesters who worse offense is F bombs but rioters are far and few between. When the sun comes down, the mix starts changing and as things start getting dangerous, the earlier protesters numbers begin lowering as they notice many of the people from earlier are no longer seen and people not seen earlier are showing up and the people causing problems tend to be part of that group, not all of it obviously but some part of it.
  11. Hiring a new chief will be difficult. Who would want the job now?
  12. He brought the booze! For anyone without a sense of humor, that was a joke.
  13. You must have raised a ruckus at birth to have it condemned.
  14. Louisville, KY Born at Suburban Hospital about 10 minutes from where I grew up in thecHikes Point area and now I live about five minutes from there, still in Hikes Point. I don't get around much. If I had kids, they probably would have gone to the same grade school I did (St. Martha), I live closer to it now than I did growing up.
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