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  1. I wonder how players will take this purge of coaches? Will the players understand their position coach was not achieving at a level expected and accept the firing or feel like the trusted father figure was taken from them. You fire one or two assistant coaches, generally not much to worry about. You go after assistant coaches left and right, morale of players may be affected.
  2. If it isn't the playoffs, it doesn't mean much to the SEC, lol. Unless of course it is the Citrus Bowl, Go Cats.
  3. If OSU was looking at UK's O line coach, you have to think others will too. Barnhart better start working up some more new contracts. Price of season tickets may go up soon, lol.
  4. Was O Line a problem? I thought there were problems with the defense but the offense was pretty solid across the board.
  5. Were there any reports he may leave? I thought it was pretty much a given he was coming back.
  6. With he and Ali gone, who will be Levis's primary two targets next year?
  7. Supposedly a big NIL deal is in the works for him. I would love for that to keep him for his senior year but odds are not good.
  8. This is closest national championship I can think of. I really can't pick who I think will win. I hope Georgia does for the sake of their fans who have been waiting so long for a championship but I can argue either winning this game pretty evenly.
  9. UK just needs to consistently win 8+ games in the regular season each year and they should position themselves well to be in good bowls.
  10. I could see that.
  11. Yes they would deserve a bowl and that is why I am glad there are more than 8 to 10 bowls so they and other teams can play in one.
  12. Last year UK had a worse than 6-6 season and went on to beat a ranked NC State. I would say UK deserved a bowl. Also last year, Ole Miss had a worse than 6-6 season and went on to beat top 10 Indiana. I think Ole Miss deserved a bowl also. I never understood the notion that 6-6 teams should not get in when top conferences like the SEC can have some pretty respectable 6-6 teams. Also, not allowing 6-6 just encourages teams to water down the out of conference schedule even worse than they already do now.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if Baylor gets the #3 ranking.
  14. Yeah, that was about 12 or so years ago when John's older Brother and St. X Alum.
  15. I wonder if that means that the recruiting classes of those three schools are so close that it is a coin flip to determine who is first?
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