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  1. They may have done a nationwide search but I doubt there are too many coaches nationwide who's coaching was as impressive as his with the defense he built at Trinity.
  2. I thought back in the early 90's Kansas destroyed UK in Rupp, by line 40 pts? Or was that not in Rupp?
  3. Many say there is atleast one hold on every play, just if it is caught.
  4. Chuck Smith interviewed for the THS job back in 2000 when Beatty was hired. Pretty sure he was among the finalists.
  5. Kevin Wright brought Coverdale with him from Noblesville IN, maybe the new coach will bring his key assistant or maybe two (OC? DC?) and retain the rest of the staff knowing he can hire his own guys down the road if the current assistants don't match his system.
  6. I do not want Cal out but I do wonder if UK were to lose him (terrible accident, go back to NBA, whatever), who would Barnhart go after? Does he start with Brad Stevens with a monster offer knowing Stevens most likely won't take it but atleast try and then follow up with the possibles? Mark Few? Shaka? Wright?
  7. I wonder if the new coach will keep the existing assistant coaches or will bring his own assistants or maybe a mix of existing assistants and his own.
  8. I wonder who is on the search committee? I am sure Rob Saxton and Rob Mullen are chairing it but would be interesting to know who else. I would have to believe they already have a list they want to talk to and may have already quietly reached out to them.
  9. ND has to atleast get a good long drive to rebuild some confidence or Bama will scorch the Irish
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