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  1. I was thinking that too and hope it is a bluff.
  2. Russia has put it's nuclear deterrent forces on high alert. Well that's just great news.
  3. I don't understand why anyone would OK with their country being taken over by any nation, but especially CHINA!
  4. I'm not sure one AFC Championship in 30 years makes up for the all the failure under Mike Brown: Since Brown became owner: - the team has eight winning seasons out of 30 - In 2008, the Bengals set a record for the most games needed under one specific owner to attain 100 wins(288). -In 2010, the team set a record for the fewest games needed to lose 200 (both considering and not considering playoffs) under one specific owner (314) - It is the only team with three nine-game-or-more losing streaks.[ - It also holds six of the twenty-five 0-6 starts (24%) -four of the thirteen 0-8 starts (31%) -The Bengals have gone winless in October nine different times in twenty-two years under five different head coaches -the team obtained the NFL's longest active drought for playoff wins during his tenure -In 2009, Yahoo sports ranked Brown as the second worst owner in the NFL. In 2015, Rolling Stone ranked Mike Brown as the 9th worst sports owner Again, I am glad the Bengals won the NFC this year but based on his history, I have to believe it is in spite of Mike Brown, not because of Mike Brown.
  5. Am I the only one who cannot figure out why Bengals ownership/leadership were not beefing up the O-Line LAST year and not waiting till this year to finally wake up? The Bengal's #1 draft pick was being chased all over the field last year also and had a season ending injury last year. Why didn't the light bulb illuminate then? Even a moderate improvement to the line last year may have been enough to have the Super Bowl parade in Cincinnati rather than LA this year.
  6. Got it! Ironically it was a cat. The present he left us on the floor didn't look like it came from a cat. Oh well, problem gone.
  7. Thank you! Will give them a call.
  8. Him losing endorsements and speaking engagements may be the most financial damaging result of this incident. Let's face it, would you want him endorsing your product/service or speaking at your engagement?
  9. Oh, oh, oh, my pardon. Lol
  10. Wow, I would almost be tempted to mount that above a fire place as beautiful as it is but understand the desire to lock it up.
  11. Anyone know of any good commercial (licensed if that is a thing for trapping) animal trappers who serve Louisville. I am the Business Manager for the Franciscan Kitchen on South Preston Street (just Southeast of downtown Louisville). This morning we had the pleasure of finding a decent sized turd pile in our warehouse. We called our pest guy and he said he only deals with bugs, mice and rats. We had a opossum get in several years ago but the trapper we used then has retired. We need to get this animal out soon. The longer it is in here, the more food it will contaminate and we feed about 500 needy people every day so the sooner the better. When I look on line, most of the sites look very "amateurish", we need professionals. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  12. How much do you have invested in the flintlock long rifle? Unless we are talking $5K or more (or it has a ton of family sentimental value to you) I can't think of a way to justify buying a $6-11K just so it is tall enough for a single rifle. My biggest reason for wanting a better gun safe is so I don't arm a criminal who breaks into my home and the fact that I have a suppressor/silencer awaiting approval from the ATF. If that were to get stolen, the ATF would be all up my rear end. My current one is plenty to keep my brother's kids away from my guns but a team of criminals with crow bars, pry bars, spud bars, burke bars could get into it within 5 minutes. If the long rifle isn't stupid expensive, locking it in a closet may be your only logical choice. If a criminal stole it, I doubt they would use it to hold up a gas station, lol.
  13. I would have to believe the AD and president have told him if he so much as cuts a fart on the sideline to start looking for a new job.
  14. Oh I agree but it may be too late. I thought along with UK extended Stoops contract, they should have done the same with Coen ALONG with a much bigger buyout. Arrange it if someone is going to steal him from UK, make them write UK a nice sized check.
  15. True. With the way UM likes to portray itself as being above the moral ground compared to the rest of college athletics, this puts their AD and president in an ugly position.
  16. I am in the same boat. Back when I thought this was his first offense, I was fine with a several game suspension and a fine. After finding out more about the past, I was thinking rest of season suspension at a minimum and firing possible.
  17. Assuming SI is correct, I wonder if Stoops goes back to the NFL to find another OC? It worked with Coen, can it work again?
  18. I get the player safety and health with such an extended season but I also get what you are saying Phillips is using that as a cover excuse for not wanting a 12 team format.
  19. Is Jim Phillips still the main antagonist to a playoff or is it something/someone else now?
  20. The SEC and Big12 do not seem to agree.
  21. I have no doubt that Higgins is better than your average Joe on a sports website but compared to other professional officials on the collegiate level, the consensus seems to be he comes up short relatively speaking.
  22. The bump in pay is to keep away the schools who are on the fringe of being "the right job" to Fickell from going to those schools. I always use the example of when UK lost Guy Morris. Baylor (back then at least) was not "the right job" by any means but it was good enough and paid enough to steal him away from UK. UC wants his pay to be enough to keep anyone not named OSU/Bama/etc. from stealing their coach and to build goodwill and loyalty with Fickell. So I would argue, it really does matter, if it didn't, UC wouldn't have done it, they know what there are doing up there.
  23. If the Bengals win, all three QB's who won the NCAA title and the Super Bowl are named Joe (Namath Bama/Jets, Montana ND/49'ers and Burrow LSU/Bengals). Note: Some people recognize Ken Stabler's Junior Year Crimson Tide as the 1966 national champion but officially Michigan State and Notre Dame shared the title. I agree the Tide were robbed but, it is what it is. Stabler then went on to win for the Raiders. Also, some people believe Theismann's 1970 Notre Dame was the national champion and he went on to win the Super Bowl with Washington. That would make four Joe's.
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