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  1. I like the Cats by 14 here, a lot is going well for UK right now. The schedule change came at the perfect time as well.
  2. UK will square off against Connor Bazelak from Dayton, Kettering Alter. He was originally a heavy UK lean. The staff knows him well. He’s coming off a breakout game against LSU but UK’s D is much, much, better than LSU. This could be a fun game to watch.
  3. It’s ok to disagree. Stoops has simply had a lot more time to recruit.
  4. Bama clinched a playoff spot. The D isn’t what it normally is but the O is legit as always.
  5. UT doesn’t have more talent. Stoops doesn’t have a superstar this year but he has a well rounded team on both sides of the ball.
  6. Pitt is their first semi-test and that’s not really a test. They will have to build some momentum before Clemson. Right now the games are boring to watch, never thought I’d say that under Kelly.
  7. ND continues to be relentlessly average. This is why they won’t join a conference.
  8. Tennessee has to look at the portal for a QB next year.
  9. Huge win for UK! Mind bobbling Tennessee can’t recruit a legit QB. This team was leading Georgia at the half? It must be 2020.
  10. Kentucky’s first win at Tennessee since 84! I bet a third of the site was born after that W!
  11. Oh my goodness, a 5th year senior QB. You’re telling me Tennessee has nobody else? That’s called failing to recruit.
  12. Man he threw that ball right to Joseph, I feel for Tennessee fans , it’s been a long 4-5 years, whatever it’s been with Guarantano. Go Cats!
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