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  1. Why weren't mask mandated back in March during peak mortality rates?
  2. The B10 and OSU's main responsibility is to protect itself. They didn't want these games cancelled, nobody asked for this. OSU makes a ton a money off playing Bowling Green, while at the same time financing many athletic programs for BG in 2020/2021. Football is the only way OSU can offer 37 different sports in its athletic department, the most in the nation. If the season is cancelled, OSU programs will be cut. The B10 and OSU believe they took drastic measures to protect itself. Still, will it be enough to overcome the virus? They want universal testing that can be governed and regulated within the conference. They don't want a team from another conference, who isn't playing by the same testing rules, or worse, would hide results from key players to make sure they can play. Additionally, an 8-10 game season offers flexibility (flex-scheduling) within the schedule. There are 9 Saturdays in October and November. If OSU, or Penn State, has an outbreak they can shut down for a few weeks, then resume playing.
  3. What if someone has a medical condition that would make wearing a mask detrimental? They aren’t obligated to fully disclose it past stating they have a condition to a Walmart assistant manager.
  4. Numbers aren’t going to change a lot in a short period of time and winter is supposed to be “worse.” I sure hope these kids get some games in.
  5. Really worried about the MAC schools and group of 5, this could devastate their budgets/athletic departments.
  6. I thought I’d be the lone Cincy guy going with coneys lol.
  7. Too easy, pool overlooking the ocean.
  8. No offers from the Alabama powers, but UK knows how to find guys, proven track record.
  9. Looks cool so far, I’m trying to get used to it on mobile.
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