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  1. I do expect Goodwin to take official visits from what I’ve heard. If UK keeps him it’s a big get, really good player.
  2. On the Eve before they get Goodwin, not a bad weekend!
  3. 6 years for 8 million, well calculated move by UC.
  4. A lot of people wanted Martin but this appears to be a good hire.
  5. Luke is a loyal guy but he won’t leave because of this. He will speak his peace to UC and that will be that. When he leaves it will be for an offer/situation he couldn’t refuse.
  6. I think UC would be a great landing spot for either of them. Let them build UC backup, if they get to that point and leave, UC still wins.
  7. Man I hope they keep Luke’s name out of it.
  8. Very nice get for Rutgers! Afari is headed to Lexington.
  9. UK offered him in the 7th grade and he’s a relationship first kid. Factor that with no official visits allowed in the last year and UK closed him. OSU will try again with him in the summer once visits open up.
  10. He has to be on the short list for Mitch then. I’m not saying it’s happening anytime soon but that’s impressive if he had his squad in position for back-to-back.
  11. Man if Drew can get those guys to go to Waco, imagine what he will do in Lexington.
  12. Askew another 1 year tryout experience. Hope things work out for him.
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