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  1. The B1G is calling everyone’s bluff. We’ll look really smart, or incredibly stupid.
  2. It’s crazy how fast Fickell has become the big fish, in the little pond. He’s crushing it, I’m already looking forward to the day he comes home.
  3. True, I guess what Grant is trying to say is will he advise, his son, not to play considering the risk.
  4. All of this clearly means no basketball as well, right?
  5. PAC-12 has officially moved to spring. The first two major dominos have fallen.
  6. I’m not 100% sold. Even Sankey in the SEC has been timid and keeping his cards close. We’ll see, if the other powers play, Ryan Day will soon be in the NFL.
  7. I’m pretty upset, but let’s see if the SEC and ACC go forward with the fall.
  8. Exactly, player safety, let’s play two seasons in one year. Sad day.
  9. Pushed to spring...argh, we’re not playing.
  10. How would somebody quantify what Pastner, Strickland, Slice, Antigua, Payne meant to Cal and winning? Will UK still be an SEC force without Payne, Yes? Will we measure it with final 4’s and titles? Matt Jones has already baked in the randomness of the tournament. Maybe Flint will help Cal get the “rockstar” recruits again?
  11. I hear you, I totally get it. I wonder if Cal even considered Antigua or if he’s damaged goods?
  12. The player/coach movement is working. The season is gonna get delayed, not cancelled.
  13. OSU is out on the practice field again today.
  14. We’ll see, maybe Club Cal will pay off and it leads us to #9. Personally, I don’t like hiring friends. Urban Meyer hired his best man in his wedding to replace Luke Fickell and it was the first guy Ryan Day let go. Maybe it’s not apples to apples in this scenario.
  15. No you didn’t digest my question, keep in mind we also have Tony Barbee with all of his “experience.” I think Flint will be better, but it’s not much of a bar.
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