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  1. Lamar Jackson destroyed him in a tweet. I love Lamar!
  2. Adam Shefter was his garbage tweet, talking about his NFL “struggles” in his death tweet. Guy makes millions using athletes as chess pieces for content. I’ve heard from a few former players, Shefty will have a hard time getting news out of any Buckeyes going forward.
  3. Man… on his way back to the airport after training. RIP Dwayne, one of the best to ever do it at OSU. He was a great guy too, would talk to anyone.
  4. I don’t think he’s that bright. But he knows what testifying means.
  5. A “we will go easy on you with your charges” if you tell us about your dad.
  6. I think they were close to a deal with the son and he backed out.
  7. Puke, oh man and you’re probably right.
  8. The 2022 Final Four: Duke-North Carolina Villanova-Kansas Otherwise known as the Blue Blood Invitational. Who ya got?
  9. Pretty much, trying to develop mid-level guys and taking guys from mid-level schools has been a mixed bag. I hope Sharpe stays so we can test my theory. If he’s truly the talent of a number 1 overall pick, UK should have a great season.
  10. How in the world did they lose 11 regular season games?
  11. Happy for St. Pete’s but boy did we have it right when we all said Kentucky had the best draw in years. The Peacocks had other ideas however.
  12. What’s the scoop on Allen, was he in over his head at UK? I’ve been out of the loop, I thought he was going to follow the Grady path?
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