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  1. Do we have a legit PG this year or another 1 year tryout? I haven’t kept up with the off-season.
  2. This right here, it was being used with live rounds for fun off set. Nobody thought to clear it/check it. There’s a reason why the first set of gun guys quit. On a separate note, it sounds like the armor in question is being evicted because the owner doesn’t want her there now. That’s tough, I’d never throw a tenant out over this and that’s with everyone making catastrophic, preventable errors.
  3. I’ll keep it in a show box or something, let me know if we can ever reach a deal!
  4. Openly admitted I was wrong about Day firing/demoting Coombs, I guess I can say it a few more times to please you lol? Without that fire/demotion our defense is still really bad and this isn’t a playoff team, that’s a fact. We still don’t have a legit win if we’re being honest. Im always up for any bets, you’ve seen what I’m working with.
  5. Joey B. went into Lamar’s house and wrecked shop! I didn’t see this coming, but who did?
  6. As always you leave out the key parts lol . Too bad you couldn’t secure a loan though, Christmas would have been tiresome! I was wrong, I did not believe Day would fire/demote Coombs after 1 game when paying him 1.4 million a year.
  7. Sparty and Michigan gives OSU a path to the playoffs. I’m hoping UC can take Oklahoma’s spot in the end.
  8. I was wrong about saying OSU had no chance unless they changed their defense. It’s nice to see teams not scoring on the same running play 3 times in a row, it’s nice not seeing our middle linebacker trying to cover Devonta Smith, it’s odd how our D is better after Coombs got demoted/fired. I still think the D has a lot to prove with multiple top 5 to 15 team upcoming. It’s hard/rare to fix problems mid-season unless the problem was extremely bad. It usually takes an off-season to fix.
  9. Yes, I think Indiana is in full collapse mode. They need to let the freshman QB play and learn on the job he’s the future.
  10. Yes Penix played that game. He’s now hurt again he wasn’t the same guy this year. I believe he had 3 INT’s vs. UC.
  11. Refs love to assert themselves into games, terrible call.
  12. Except where I said unless they change the defense which I honestly didn’t think Day would fire/demote a guy after 1 game lol. How long did Stoops hold onto your man Gran, let your Fields vs Fromm go, Fromm is looking good on the practice squad! The fact your OSU hate has resurfaced tells me we’re on the right track, but let’s slow down though, OSU has a lot to prove still, Indiana isn’t good. I don’t know how they were beating UC in the 4th quarter at one point.
  13. I honestly think the only lock is Georgia at this very moment.
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