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  1. Officially out, fired “for cause.” You know you've done something wrong when an SEC program fires you "for cause." Sounds like Fulmer will be forced to retire as well
  2. Per Thamel. He had some momentum in recruiting, of course, now the NCAA is investigating. Who’s the next Alabama assistant up for Rocky Top?
  3. @GrantNKY Ruckert back, great call by you. We might have the top TE in the country next year. That will certainly help a brand new QB.
  4. Sometimes if you stick around too long, you become the villain. He’s not a young guy anymore and he’s filthy rich. He doesn’t need to deal with people like me questioning his coaching. I certainly wanted him to go out with another title or FF run, but the wheels are falling off.
  5. Starting to wonder if Cal walks away after the season.
  6. Awesome story, I feel bad for Lamar such a good player and dude, playoffs are brutal to him.
  7. “Players first” but only when it’s 5 star players published on KSR just now. Ouch, I bet Cal cuts them off, then again, Matt sold KSR for big dollars. Maybe the new KSR owners aren’t taking corners?
  8. Matt realizes he has to be critical while also remembering he’s a Cal guy. He tows the line pretty well, I haven’t seen any recent comments though.
  9. Cade Cunningham was his key to success this year. When you run a one and done factory, you need the true/best one and done’s.
  10. Big news! I think he was 3rd or 4th round.
  11. Certainly, his constant demands won’t work on adults who make more than him. Feels Rick Pitino-ish, hope not.
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