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  1. Did a Bengal linebacker make any plays tonight? Oh well, stay healthy Joe.
  2. Green looks physically worn out. Then you have John Ross who really doesn’t contribute much. Both salaries should go to Oline.
  3. Round 2, pick 33: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson Round 3, pick 65: Logan Wilson, LB, Wyoming Round 4, pick 107: Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State Round 5, pick 147: Khalid Kareem, DE, Notre Dame A lineman in the top 5 would have helped if you ask me. Great game Joe, a warrior like always, just hope he doesn’t get hurt.
  4. Who are the starting linebackers for the Bengals?
  5. I’m with you man! Adding Trey Sermon, then JF with a year under his belt starting. Goodness, I hope the season holds up.
  6. Shaun Wade is back, Buckeyes get two first rounders back! @GrantNKY
  7. I find it hard to pick Highlands right now, against what’s perceived to be good teams. Prove me wrong Birds!
  8. Browns fans might want to watch Justin Fields this year, if things continue on the same path.
  9. A positive test = 21 day sit out period. 5% total team positivity = program shutdown. No bye weeks. We have to hope for against all odds I guess?
  10. Davis I’m asking on, he’s looked into agents. Both are captains, Wade I’m 75% on, Davis 40% on.
  11. I feel like you’re telling me not to put them in my teaser again this week... if there’s one UL guy I listen too, it’s you.
  12. Spot on my man, I think we get Shaun Wade back.
  13. Sources: The Big Ten is coming back and will begin the weekend of Oct. 24. It'll include daily, rapid testing as a fixture of the plan. A statement from the league is imminent. 8 games in 8 weeks leaves no margin for error, or flexibility. Guess we have to take what we can get but we’ll see if this works.
  14. I’m hearing 8 games in 9 weeks. I still struggle to believe it until I see it.
  15. Agreed, but I think they might upset a lot of opposing coaches this year in the B10. Is what it is, heck, let’s see if we even play.
  16. I think that’s the best part of the committee and their proverbial “eye-test.” If we even get to play 8 games, OSU will need to win by a +35 to +40 margin to show they’re one of the top 4 teams pound for pound. OSU will have to go for 70 a game with no remorse and from what I’m hearing, they will.
  17. I’ll always support and cheer for Highlands but they’re the Moeller of NKY football. That’s just reality on realities terms.
  18. For me this was the key to the game. He made a terrible play and forgot about it. He was a call away from a game winning TD drive.
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