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  1. Per Twitter Tanner Clos got an offer from Transylvania after the Regional Championship. Congrats to Mr Clos! Well deserved!
  2. Congrats to Mr Clos. The young man is an absolute warrior. I love the way he plays the game. He can the score the ball at any level and plays tenacious defense usually on guys twice his size. Congrats!!!! Also congrats on Regional Championship!!
  3. I think Campbell is way to hungry to end their season now. These seniors have not finished their mission. Camels win! Wanting more!!!
  4. As far as tonights game goes I am going to go with Campbell in this one. I think it will be a hard fought game by Scott but if Campbell plays together then they will definitely come out with the W.
  5. Why do say that they wont be there? It really depends on the boys if they are there or not. They have the talent to make it there. Everyone said that about Scott last year and look where they ended up.
  6. I heard Holy Cross cancelled their game with Campbell County Friday night and will not reschedule. Anyone know the reason for this? This game has been on the schedule since the beginning. They apparently did the same thing last year?
  7. Some of the ones that come to mind are Maria Reinhart, Taylor Jolly, Kylie Kramer, Kelly Waters, Lori Franzen. Brenda Ryan held the record that Taylor broke.
  8. Campbell County announced all the 1000 point scorers in school history before the varsity game last night and then announced Clos as being the all time leading scorer in girls and boys history.
  9. I agree 100%. Holbrook and Wells have to continue to score double figures every game. It keeps teams honest. They both played excellent last night.
  10. This is the final from Claryville. This game was never close. The Lady Camels played a much better game tonight. Holbrook and Wells with nice games for the Lady Camels. Holbrook with 17 and Wells had 15 and 7 rebounds. Clos with a huge game 21 pts, 9 steals and 8 assists. Clephane finished with 28 pts, Secrist with 20.
  11. I have to go with Clos. She is such a leader for her team.
  12. I disagree with what you are saying in regards to which team would win without either of their players. Obviously Scott doesn’t have the talent overall that Campbell has so your comparison doesn’t make sense.
  13. I have seen all the 9th region teams play this season and I have to go with Holmes to 3 peat the region.
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