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  1. Mason County and St. Patrick
  2. Has anybody thought of the players? If you took a poll of the players, I assume they would vote to go to the Fieldhouse instead of Holmes. Players think that it is a golden opportunity to play here. Especially the kids who play on a team that does not win the Region. Adults ruin everything.
  3. Only two teams have to make the drive and down double a is such a terrible drive.
  4. If the 37th teams don't like the drive to the best regional tournament in the state, maybe they should call Julian Tackett and request to go back to the Ninth. I think the Fieldhouse has been pretty good to Campbell County.
  5. Both long field goals the Bengals set McPherson up on the wrong hash mark. If you are going to run on third, set that ball up in the middle of the field. It would have been good from there. Right foot kicker has a little draw and should always make from right hash or the middle.
  6. I loved Goldy. Being a Royal we always had different of opinions. Always respectful and always friends. No more true fan of her team than Goldie. RIP and you will be misdeed by this Royal.
  7. Heard some of the old assistant coaches were not asked back. Anyone know who the assistants may be?
  8. everyone knows my feelings on Votto but he had played the last five years like he has recently, Reds would have more wins and maybe playoff appearances.
  9. Garret had had the last 4 or 5 outings without giving up a run. His confidence was as high as it has been all season and Bell just contributed by not starting him in the inning and then of course the result. Garrett pitch was not that all bad but bad result.
  10. Going to be tough to conduct practice from NKY. Zoom is great but not that great.
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