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  1. I watched it slow and lt looks like a Bengal lineman rides a Washington player into Burrow. Washington player even like has his back turned to Burrow and was ridden down into Burrow. He also got hit high from behind. Just terrible luck! Bengal luck!!! We all knew this would happen. So did Burrow when he said he did not want to come to Cincinnati.
  2. Did I just say last week that the Bengals don't get the calls. If that was Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers every referee would have threw a flag. Was it Chase Young that hit him low?
  3. Bengals just got hosed on two plays in a row. Catch was in and Steelers fumbled. Referees never blow the play dead that fast. That is bull hockey.
  4. I did not say the Steelers. All good teams get the calls. Look at the Patriots for years.
  5. Is every flag against the Bengals. 8-0 teams will always get the calls. Welcome to the NFL.
  6. Big drive by the kid. Bengals have to get him some help next year.
  7. Is there any mistake that the Bengals have not made yet?
  8. After rough weekend watching the Cats and Bengals. Just come to expect games like these.
  9. I will say it again. If you can not run the passer, you can not win in this league. One sack and this game is over.
  10. And I am to remain positive, right!!!!
  11. Bengals march right down the field and Burrow has a pass tipped and intercepted. That taste from the UK game just came back in my mouth.
  12. Nobody lays an egg better than UK. This type of game is why UK will always be in the bottom of the SEC.
  13. How do they get that much rush with only four guys? I thought our line was good?
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