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  1. Brad Cox was named head coach at a 4:30 news conference.
  2. You guys should be glad that you ran me off the board last year. All the things that I talked about occurred in the opening game of 2021. I would have 20 posts by now. LOL!!!
  3. There will still be plenty of offensive lineman at the top of the second round.
  4. Congrats to Brianna McNutt Mason County Grad on a terrific career.
  5. They could not beat anyone, cause they never beat Mason County. I was worried though. Never saw a team shoot like Augusta did Monday. They were on fire.
  6. I am very glad they made arrangements to play the Class A tournament. I understand going to various sites to play the games. Now, first question is could they not have gotten officials from out of region to call the games? It is not that far for officials to come from Lexington to do those games. Then secondly, the same crew called both games in a State Tournament. At least, could they not bring in a second crew? Please remember, I have no dog in the fight.
  7. Bishop finds out that it is tough to win in the 16th.
  8. Yes a trap game especially after road overtime win Saturday at Montgomery. clutch three by Nate Mitchell with 2 seconds to go for the win. Fleming on Friday.
  9. It is not only shooting but decision making is terrible, defense is terrible which results in a terrible team.
  10. Does anybody else but me believe the good teams get the benefit of the calls? Every call against Kentucky.
  11. I watched it slow and lt looks like a Bengal lineman rides a Washington player into Burrow. Washington player even like has his back turned to Burrow and was ridden down into Burrow. He also got hit high from behind. Just terrible luck! Bengal luck!!! We all knew this would happen. So did Burrow when he said he did not want to come to Cincinnati.
  12. Did I just say last week that the Bengals don't get the calls. If that was Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers every referee would have threw a flag. Was it Chase Young that hit him low?
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