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  1. Mount Notre Dame had never been beaten by a team from KY until last year when Campbell beat them.
  2. Campbell County did beat them last year with a buzzer beater.
  3. I’m taking RC in this one. Allen will get his but I don’t think it will be enough to handle all of the talent that RC has. A lot of people are overlooking RC but I think they will surprise some people. RC by 6.
  4. Ohmer is out of lineup tonight due to ankle injury but he was playing I would have went Scott.
  5. Ohmer scored his 1000 career point last night in the win against Pendelton County in their season opener and finished the night with 17 points. Congrats to Chad and welcome to the club. A great player and even better person.
  6. Jordan Gross will be a big help for the Camels this year as well. Great perimeter shooter.
  7. I just checked both lists courier journal and Lexington herald and she is the only one that didn’t make it onto the all star team that was on first team on both of those polls. I also had a source tell me they saw her tryout and she had a great tryout as good as anyone on the list. It’s amazing these things happen especially to a great player deserving to be there with the rest of the top players in the state where she has proven to be all year long. Just not sure how you single one player out like that.
  8. I agree 100% that Clos should have made this team. She has proven herself worthy all season long and would be a great asset to this all star team. There were coaches at the tryouts and I am sure they would take their kids over other ones at the tryouts. She was first team all state and first team courier journal which means she is in the top ten in the state in both of those polls and I believe was the only in the top ten that didn’t make it on the all star team so you tell me how that works.
  9. I would love to know how you think Kunkel doesn’t make his team better? That’s hilarious. Look at the games that Cooper played when Adam got injured. Big difference.
  10. Per Twitter Tanner committed to Mount Saint Joes. What a player and even a better kid. MSJ got a steal with this kid, plays with a ton of heart and can do it all. He will fit right in with Coach Carrigan’s style of play. Congrats to Mr Clos!! He will do big things there!
  11. The Clos kid can flat out play. He didn’t score much in the game against Oldham like he did in the UHA game but he did everything else a great player does, facilitated, took charges, rebounded and played outstanding defense, the small things that don’t show up in the stat book. I have really enjoyed watching him play this year and more importantly you can tell by the way he is on the court with always helping other players up off the floor that he is a fantastic kid as well. Plays with a lot of heart.
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