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  1. Horse and buggy. I don't remember the model of either and don't have pics.
  2. Trivia is not my thing. I'm still working on the multiplication table and my ABC,s. But thanks for asking!
  3. You were so insignificant in this contest I didn't even mention you.
  4. Mcpapa, sorry my win created so much angst for you. Thanks for running the contest. I know it was a pain with all the cancelled games . Congrats to dmh115!
  5. For the last several years districts 37,38, and 39 have voted to have the regional tourney at Mason County. The 40th has voted for Montgomery. I'm guessing things won't change except maybe the 40th will alternate between Montgomery and GRC.
  6. Nope, we finished our game with Bishop Brossart, but many had hazardous trips home or stayed elsewhere. No one got back into Falmouth. And don't call me old!
  7. Congrats to Robertson County. They are very balanced in scoring and fun to watch. Tonight Dixon went off on PC with a tremendous game. The 28% three point shooter had five or six from behind the arc and several more working the baseline. Good luck to both teams next week at Winchester.
  8. I fear the Becker boys on the offensive boards will be too much for PC. Randy Parker may have the margin about right.(can't believe i said that).
  9. It looked bleak for the Wildcats with about 4:00 to go, down 38-31 after having a seven point lead. PC closed out the game with 13-4 run thanks to clutch shooting from Clay Monroe and two free throws to seal the deal.
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