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  1. Pc is on a pretty good roll. They defeated Male, Marshall County, and Madison Southern on Saturday at the Dan Cummins Classic. Record is 10-3 now I believe.
  2. He's not kidding. Even delivered a bag to my wife a few years ago at the regional tourney. I don't care what Parker says about him; mcpapa is a good guy.
  3. Thanks for running the contest. It was enjoyable for me until it wasn't. At first glance I thought you had omitted me. Wish you had. I would have done fine if you had allowed mulligans.
  4. I have the potential for 23 points which means absolutely nothing.
  5. Muhlenberg was my upset pick for the tourney. I'm already upset that i chose them.
  6. KCC coach said in pregame that defense was not their strong point. He wasn't kidding.
  7. He's just trying to catch mcpapa in the popular contributors listing.😄
  8. Am now more encouraged by my upset pick in the contest. Nice summary!
  9. First round 1-Elizabethtown 1-Oldham County 1-Ballard 1-Bowling Green 1-Boyle County 1-Ashland Blazer 1-McCracken County 1-Muhlenberg County Second round 2-Elizabethtown 2-Ballard 2-Ashland Blazer 2-Muhlenberg County Finalists 3-Ballard 3-Ashland Blazer 2021 Sweet 16 State Champion 5-Ballard Tiebreaker-127 points
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