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  1. Final from last nights road opening game for the young Lady Lions.
  2. Not much defense played in this one! Garrard finished with 523 yards of offense (408 rushing and 115 passing) and Mercer ended with around 497 yards (325 Passing and 172 rushing).
  3. Final from Harrodsburg in a hard fought battle...back and forth all night. Garrard with a couple of turnovers late in the game hurt their chances for the comeback. Overall this was a great high school football game!
  4. Mercer up 49-42 late in the fourth..Garrard driving!! This has been a heck of a game!!
  5. Good 1st win for Lady Lions after losing their home opener vs Lex Catholic 35-33!! Still a long way to go, but this was a much needed confidence booster for this club!
  6. This will be the second year of a new annual tournament at Garrard County. Had some great games last year for the inaugural run of the tournament. This year looks like it could be a spectacular tournament with several new teams in the field along with some familiar teams also. Opening round: 12/27 @ Garrard County 11:00 Madison Central vs LCA 12:45 Wayne County vs Bracken County 2:30 Johnson Central vs Boyle County 4:15 Lexington Catholic vs Lincoln County 6:00 Rockcastle County vs Woodford County 7:45 Garrard County vs winner of MC/LCA **South Laurel is also in the tournament but had to be worked in due to them only needing 2 more regular season games!!
  7. It's that time of year in the bluegrass. Monday we will be 2 weeks from the start of the season. Who is everybody scrimmaging this year?
  8. Because there are too many classes for the amount of teams that KY has. This make a lot of districts have only 4 teams! That means everybody in that district goes to the playoffs, even if they're 0-10!! IMO there only needs to be 4 or 5 classes and at least 6 teams in each district! That only makes it fair for everybody, because we are telling teams that go 0-10 that its ok, we are still going to the postseason!!
  9. Very high scoring game. Tied 30-30 at half. What did Garrard do to score 69 points? They are a run heavy teams and seems usually they eat a lot of clock on their drives!
  10. Boyle wins big! Nothing against Western Hills, but with Boyle coming off a blowout loss, look for the Rebels to rebound in a big way! WH 13 Boyle 44
  11. Where did she move in from? Should be a nice addition for them!
  12. Honestly I hope Garrard can keep it close! I just don't know how they will fare in this game and am looking for a blowout! I don't want that to happen, but I kinda think that will happen. Garrard, like you said will be the 4 seed and will most likely be travelling to Louisville Central in the first round of the playoffs! Lex. Cath 54 Garrard 22
  13. Anybody have team and player rankings from the magazine they could share?
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