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  1. Titans answer after a horse collar call on Logan Parker, Cards lead 26-21
  2. Monroe answers after back to back Scottie tds, now leads 21-14, near end of third qtr
  3. Tre Goodin with a td run, Cards lead 26-14 Mercer County now driving, around 5:00 to go
  4. Scotties punch their first score, Miss extra point 14-6 Monroe leads
  5. Oliver with another td run, Taylor Co leads 20-14 near end of 3rd qtr
  6. Monroe up 14-0 at half behind 5 first half turnovers by the Scotties.
  7. Oliver with the TD run for the Cards, miss the 2 point try, trail 14-12 8:00:3rd qtr
  8. Taylor County 3 and out. Titans punch it in after a deep pass. Titans 7-0 9:04 1st qtr
  9. 5-Lloyd 3-Boyle Co 3-Madisonville North Hopkins 1-KCD 1-Simon Kenton 1-Hazard 1-Male 1-Meade County 1-Graves Co 1-Warren East Tb-56
  10. 7-Male 5-Eminence 3-Etown 2-Meade County 1-Collins TB-Etown
  11. 7-Cooper 5-Paris 3-Newport Central Catholic 2-Conner 1-Simon Kenton 7-Cooper
  12. 7-Corbin 5-Perry Central 3-Shelby Valley 2-Powell Co 1-Prestonsburg TB-Perry Central
  13. 7-Tates Creek 5-Scott 3-Holy Cross 2-Paris 1-Woodford County TB-Woodford County
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