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  1. If a student moves to the next county. The county where the student has moved has two school systems. Does he have to attend the school district that he moved in? example moves from Mercer County to Boyle County. Lives in the Boyle District but enrolled in Danville schools. Does this make him sit?
  2. My issue is the KHSAA doesn’t enforce their own rules. I can name several instances that their decisions are not fairly enforced. Meaning 1 kid gets ruled eligible and another kid same situation gets ruled ineligible. They have a bigger problem on how they enforce their own rules.
  3. The indoor Facility conversation did start prior to the hire of the new coach. Based on what I am hearing he is involved a lot more with a lot of the planning than the previous coach. As for the indoor being football only.. I don’t know any school that could say that. But based on location let’s say football would/could have primary use. But the entire facility will be much more than just football.
  4. Based on what I have been told he has been hiring a staff. Building relationships with current players. Appears to have good numbers in the weight room. Also been working with the AD and outgoing Super to get an indoor sports complex built.
  5. Team that travels has the option. Coin toss a good of 6 minutes.
  6. There has been conversations going since last fall. Recently there was an article in the Newspaper. Everyone I spoken with believes it will get done.
  7. I see this could very well be long term. There is a commitment to building and indoor practice facility. The school just did a $5 million upgrade to their gym. Foley had a 13 year run that was as good as anyone could have asked for at a Class A school.
  8. Per Twitter this one is official. Ethan Atchley is the new Head Coach at FHS.
  9. Exciting times for Frankfort. New Coach will get to reboot a program that has a proud history dating 150 years.
  10. I have been told Frankfort is hosting a meet the New Coach at Sower Football Field on Thursday.
  11. BluegrassPreps.com post of the year Winner!
  12. No Sir, just continuing the capital city clown caravan banter we have going here. You guys do that enough to yourself on that east side.
  13. You guys are also lucky to have any coaches that you have out there. Your head coach doesn't even want to be there. I hear the only thing that scared him from Highlands was the Cannons still ringing from those old games in 04-05.
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