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  1. Admittedly, I don't know starters from bench players but I'll stand by my comments on dropping 3s during a running clock.
  2. I was there. St. Pat kids knew what the record was for 3's and were trying to break that record. Taunting the SG kids with "here comes another" before dropping another 3. Again, the game was well in hand by the time they were going for their record. How do you hold your head up and brag about breaking a record against a team that's won 2 games and had a total of 6 kids on the bench? The coach should have pulled the starters and stopped the nonsense long before this got out of hand.
  3. Poor display of sportsmanship last night by St. Patrick. They kept draining 3 pointers after this game was well in hand. They had 8 or 9 in a row in the 2nd half while up at least 40. Karma has a way of coming back around in events such as this.
  4. It was a good day. On the other hand, it was a bad day.
  5. Congratulations to young Mr. Shearer. I know your namesake and the rest of the family are extremely proud of you!
  6. Crowd has gotten better. Hope it’s a rowdy one tonight! Go Cats!
  7. No wonder Cal was hyping the game this week. There is hardly anybody here.
  8. You can meet Alexandria brewmaster Andy Reynolds and sample some of his brews at Community Car Care's "Pints & Pistons" Free Car Care Clinic on Thursday, February 22nd, 7 - 9pm at CCC on US 27 in A-Town. Call CCC to RSVP.
  9. I wonder if they lost any business after their manager got shot in the face right outside the place.
  10. I have heard he smokes weed. I also heard that he showed up at a frat party with a guy who had a gun on him who said he was "protecting" Tai and someone told Tai he would get in trouble for that. Maybe he did... That's all I got...
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