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  1. Raceland will make the familiar trip down US 23 South to Paintsville next week. Seems like we have 2 regular schedule games w / the Tigers each season, one in season then in the playoffs. Survive and Advance ……. GO RAMS !!
  2. FINAL. This score pretty much explains it. Rams had a running clock at around 3min in 1st qtr..
  3. Not a lot of need to post further updates. I will post a final score thread. Link to game ….. (S1) Kool Hits Kountdown Channel btw …. now 64-0 Rams, on 2nd play of 3rd qtr.
  4. TD Rams, 18yd. run / Rousy. xp-ng 37-0 Rams …… running clock in effect w / 3min., 1st qtr.
  5. This should be a quick night. Prime example of why in jmo only 2 or 3 teams should advance to the playoffs from a district
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