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  1. Right now the Paris/Robertson game is the only game where I think we can go ahead and mark the winner in pen. Everything else write in pencil very light!
  2. Whether Bracken County wins or loses this board will go crazy because some people have agendas for an unknown reason.
  3. Harrison is dangerous and won't be an easy win. There's no good draws in the post-season.
  4. Wednesday 6:00 Campbell County George Rogers Clark 7:30 Harrison County Bracken County Thursday 6:00 Paris Robertson County 7:30 Mason County Scott
  5. He has an All A state championship ring and has great style of play that wins against anyone! @Mustang I'm sure you would agree.
  6. Cole Heygi was the best player on the floor tonight. Best player in the region tonight.
  7. It took the clock guy a while to get it set exactly at 7.5. Had to start at 8 and then run it down to 7.5.
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