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  1. Last time around I didn't think Tiger looked healthy, he walked gingerly and didn't have much speed/power in his swing. However this time I think he looks healthy and he has much more power and speed than he did before. I don't expect him to win or even finish in the top-10 for that matter, but I do expect him to be able to play a lot more this season.
  2. Feel like it's going to be a rough year for the Lady Royals and Coach Cox. Reed and Moran can't do it all by themselves, especially with the two super teams in the 10th this year. Back to reality for the Lady Royals.
  3. So because me nor @UKMustangFan neither one would want Schiano coaching our teams because he was there during the same time is a poor reason to not look at him? C'mon man, you're only taking up for him because he's at OSU. His coaching ability isn't enough to overlook the fact he's associated with Penn St and Jerry Sandusky.
  4. Guilty by association, if I'm an AD I wouldn't consider him either. It's highly unlikely that he didn't know something was going on.
  5. I'm just busting your chops, but seriously please don't use it as an excuse after every game.
  6. I think Brohm should be their main target and would be an outstanding hire.
  7. The Royals' bench play was very good last night, yes I know it was St. Pat, but if they can get good production from the bench that helps them a lot. If the Royals can knock down the outside shot, which will be their weakness this season, then they'll be able to come back to Maysville 2-0 after week 1.
  8. C'mon man.... Don't start with this excuse already. :ohbrother: :no:
  9. Since @LCDAWGS19 disappointed me last night, I'm gonna pick the Musketeers by 5. :(
  10. So since FD was missing 3 starters and a bench player this game essentially means nothing.
  11. Rahkeem “Bobo” Swanston a senior from the Virgin Islands who moved in with someone in Robertson Co due to his home being destroyed by the hurricanes, Sebastian Dixon a freshman from Mason County, and Brandon Dice who I think is a freshman from Bracken County.
  12. I’m glad Robertson County has a good squad, however it does bother me that they have 3 new players. Also I believe I said in the top players thread that Alex Schalch was Robertson’s best player as he lead them in scoring tonight. Congrats PK and the Devils, I’d love to see them win the All-A. This will be the first time they have a chance since the King Twins years.
  13. Final from Morehead, the Lady Royals inexperice showed as they were up 47-45 with 3 seconds left and turned the ball over underneath RC’s basket off an inbounds pass which allowed Rowan to send the game to over time.
  14. Ouch.... I expected it to be bad, but not this bad. Gonna be a long year for the Polar Bears, I'm sure my boy LCDawgs will have the stats.
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