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  1. The Sts. Peter & Paul families have a solid pipeline to Brossart, as do the St. Phillip and St. Mary's parishoners. The main ones that are wishy-washy are St. Joe in Cold Spring. Brossart is their district high school, but some at SJ get pulled toward Newport Catholic when NCC crosses boundaries and lures them away.
  2. Believe the offer at WVU is an offer to be a walk-on. Favor from one old friend (Huggins) to another (Macke's mother). With that said, Macke should help Highlands this season. He played at Holy Cross as a sophomore, but went back to Highlands and KHSAA made him sit out a year.
  3. camelman


    Maybe I got a hold of a bad one.
  4. camelman


    The search is over. Alexandria McDonald's has them. Had one today for lunch and sadly, I hate to admit, I was wrong. The thing was terrible. Don't remember them being that bad. Am I allowed to change my mind ?
  5. camelman


    In this case, give me two!
  6. Newport was the favorite last year based on how many veterans they had coming back. This year, they are not the favorite based on how many veterans/points they don't have coming back. Simple as that.
  7. Highlands and Newport Catholic the favorites to make it out of the district, as of pre-season.
  8. Check back in on this site later tonight and you will find out if it's a joke or not.
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