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  1. Scholarships are one-year renewable, there is zero wrong with helping a kid find more playing time elsewhere.
  2. Yep. Just like every other SUCCESSFUL coach in the country.
  3. I agree with the sentiment of the article, but in one capacity it is a smidge misleading. There are 6 sports in Division 1 that are either "full ride" or "no ride", no partials. Those six are: Men's Football and Basketball, and Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Gymnastics.
  4. I believe, and again, not an expert on this, that the capping of sick days towards retirement is a major issue and can ultimately cost teachers thousands per year in retirement and salary. However, I think their biggest point, and rightfully so I'll add, is the optics of attaching a 291 page bill that no one had read, and had had no actuarial review, to the back-end of a sewage bill at the 11th hour. That looks like the opposite of being "represented" by your Representatives.
  5. Things are coming to a head...but I don't want to Steele anyone's thunder.
  6. Just to be clear, by "next year", this is 2019's field, not the one from this coming fall (8 months).
  7. I certainly didn't mean to imply otherwise, you know how I feel about John. And so does he, for the record. Turned out to be 100% the right choice. On a separate note, back to the point of the thread, I believe Xavier is at a very tenuous point, where a major back-slide is not only possible, but probably likely.
  8. I think the best way to put this is Travis mis-played his final interview with Ken, John didn't.
  9. He is definitely taking Pegues and Murray. Rest is up in the air.
  10. Never hire a guy on April 1st you wouldn't have hired on February 1st.
  11. Travis Steele (easy hire, continuity, safe hire for Greg Christopher who HAS to get this one right) Pat Kelsey (only way this happens is if Fr. Graham and Bob Kohlhepp jam this down his throat) Tommy Amaker Chris Collins John Brannen would have to have a few others say "no" first. Porter Moser is well liked and well respected around Xavier as he was Majerus' #2 at SLU so many people got to know and like him. That said, this would be a HUGE leap for a guy with a terrible head coaching resume' up until about 3 weeks ago. Ashley Howard, although I doubt very seriously he'd get a sniff. Wojo would crawl from Milwaukee for this gig, but sadly for him, he can't be a candidate -- Xavier and Marquette are very close at the top of each organization. Schmitty at St. Bonaventure would kill a puppy for this job. Not sure he gets a sniff either, but he will try his damndest to get a shot.
  12. These hypothetical threads about who would beat who are as silly as a beanie with a whirly-bird top, but, if you don't get fawning over THIS CovCath team, you set a mighty high bar for fawning.
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