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  1. Buckle up folks we have a barn burner at half. At the beginning I though wow Male is just going to run away and hide but BE did a great job staying composed and got this back to 14-14 at half.
  2. My thing on this is both teams have to play with the same goal posts and hash markings so it’s not an advantage or a disadvantage either way. I agree it’s tough on both teams having the difference but I really like these games being played at College Stadiums so I think since both teams have the same disadvantage play on!!!!
  3. I have never seen a team where every player is so versatile that they all play every position. Lineman lining up at tight end and taking an end around in for a TD, the Running back lined up at QB and threw a TD to the QB who was split out wide. Just insane playing calling but so genius that I absolutely respect it. That was a fun game to watch. Congrats to Boyle on the State Title!!!!
  4. While I agree these 4 teams will be good again next year but I’m curious who comes into 2A next year as the realignment is upon us.
  5. What a great game!!!! Congrats to Mayfield on an unbelievable year and I like most others on here feel so bad for their kicker!!!! Beechwood it wasn’t pretty but you got the job done and are bringing home #17. Congrats to Coach Rash and his staff as most teams would have folded after losing a player the caliber of Mitchell Berger but they went to work and got better each week ultimately culminating in holding that trophy. Not much you can say about these Seniors except what a special bunch!!!!!
  6. Let’s go Tigers bring it home!!!! I just wish I could be there to watch in person.
  7. Congrats to both teams on a great year!!!! Pikeville was head and shoulders above all of 1A and they proved that today but that doesn’t take anything away from the season that Raceland had!!!!
  8. Well this is the game all Beechwood fans fear as Mayfield almost always has the Tigers number when it comes to this matchup. The only bad thing about that is these kids that will be on the field next Friday only know about last years results. Mayfield will have vengeance on their mind for last years results. This Mayfield team is not last years team so Beechwood will need to come out and play its best game of the year. Defense will need to continue to do what it has all year and stifle the run game and get pressure on the opposing QB. I fully expect this to be a slugfest with lots of hard hitting and limited points being scored as both defenses are really good. I am biased when it comes to Beechwood of course but I fully expect this team to bring home the hardware and that’s saying something when you lose a Mr. Football Candidate in the 8th game of the year and this team has done nothing but come together and play at the same level as we would expect with Mitchell Berger still on the field. Beechwood 21 Mayfield 14 Go Tigers bring home State Championship #15!!!!!
  9. I think Pikeville controls the line of scrimmage and wins this one pulling away in the 2nd half. Pikeville 28 Raceland 7
  10. Congrats to the Cardinals!!! Great season to LCA. Should be a great title game!
  11. Chase Flaherty ran 3 TD’s and Clay Hayden threw 3 TD’s. Total domination on defense by the Tigers. Turning point of the game: Beechwood up 6-0 and kick off to Sebastian and he took it to the house but a penalty flag for a holding brought it back and Lloyd never sniffed the end zone again until the clock was running.
  12. Final from Ft. Mitchell!!! Beechwood heads back to Kroger Field.
  13. 48-0 Tigers win and head back to the State Finals!!!!
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