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  1. Disagree. CCH beat Beechwood early in the year by a last second FG. I believe Beechwood was playing at a different level at the end of the year and would have beat CCH in a rematch if it was played later.
  2. If he would have played the final week of the year and the first playoff game he would have been over 3,000 yards passing and compile that with over 1,000 rushing that makes for such a great year. He deserves it. I would hate for him to not get it because NKY coaches don’t like to vote on these things.
  3. I would like to see how the 2004 State Championship winning Beechwood Tigers stacks up against any of the other State Championship winning Beechwood Tiger teams. I loved that team they were so much fun to watch. They had a serviceable QB in Pat Muth, a stud running back Dustin Menetrey and their defense was tough to score on. I am a little biased because my brother played on the team but they only had 1 loss to a very good Cov Cath team by 1 point. They avenged the previous years shellacking by Danville in the State Championship plus it didn’t hurt my brother had 2 touchdowns in the Championship game. The NCC team they beat twice that year was extremely good as well.
  4. Congrats to both teams on a hard fought game. I thought Franklin was gonna punch that TD in but it wasn’t to be. Congrats to Boyle on another State title and Franklin keep your heads up. Tomorrow’s games have a lot to live up to after the 2A and 4A games today.
  5. Franklin County’s helmets. They have 4 letters on the side where most kids don’t have helmet stickers.
  6. What are the letters on the side of the Franklin County’s helmets? What are their meaning? Just curious.
  7. What an unbelievable game. I thought Beechwood was down and out till Hatfield intercepted Nieves pass. That was the play of the game. Truly tons of heart shown by both teams and unfortunately there has to be a winner and a loser. I am so proud of the Tigers team and how hard they have fought all year. They had some close calls along the way but they earned this State Title and beat a Very Good LCA team.
  8. Never Won 6- Bowling Green (21-14) 5- Ashland 4- Paintsville 3- Beechwood 2- Boyle County 1- Trinity
  9. Got my tickets so I will be on the Beechwood sideline rooting my heart out. I am hoping Beechwood can get their first 2A title. Can’t say I’m not worried about our defensive woes but I think Cam can load this team on his back and carry them across the finish line. Beechwood- 35 LCA- 28
  10. What a game by both teams. West Carter showed they were a team to be reckoned with. Luckily Cam Hergott was just the young man to do some wrecking. Cam is legit and has earned every award he is going to get this year. The kid has done nothing but be Mr. Everything for Beechwood. If Beechwood wants to compete next week they have to figure out their defense and the penalty situation. There must have been 20 holding penalties against Beechwood tonight. If they can do that it will be an entertaining Championship game. Was anyone else aggravated with the officials constantly stopping the game for measurements and them being a yard or more either way? This day in age the measuring is only for 4th down really close measurements not on a 1st down play. Officiating was frustrating all night for me.
  11. Survive and advance is the name of the game and that’s exactly what happened here.
  12. OMG onside kick recovered by WC. Bonehead play by Beechwood ball didn’t go 10 yards and they touched it.
  13. Beechwood has to find a way to stop the RPO. Both TD’s have come on RPO action.
  14. Touchdown pass to Vaughn. 20-13 pending XP. XP is blocked so 20-13.
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