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  1. Super shocked here. Ryle must have had a good game plan that worked. Dixie will need to bounce back next week.
  2. Cam Hergott is 14-14 159 yards and 3 TD’s. Really efficient!!!!! He just keeps on improving every week. I really like the Tiger’s chances in 2A if he continues to stay hungry and improve. I realize the Indians aren’t at the same level as the other teams in 2A but 14-14 in a half is impressive against anyone.
  3. I didn’t read many posts before I posted that. Beechwood needs to find a way to sustain drives. Running the ball with anyone other than Cam has been a struggle so I look for Coach Rash to really put an emphasis on it this week. If Beechwood is going to compete for the 2A title they need to find some other type of running game to help Cam not take so much punishment throughout the game. The last 2 games the second half’s have been struggles because there is no help for Cam and he is getting worn down. Beechwood can compete with anyone if they sure up the running game.
  4. Beechwood won last year’s meeting against Dixie so I’m not sure how they have a 3 game winning streak over Beechwood. I see this game looking very similar to last year’s game a low scoring slugfest. I enjoyed watching last year’s game in person so this year will have to do via internet. I am Dixie grad and both my children went to Beechwood so I am always conflicted with this game. Beechwood- 17 Dixie- 14
  5. Interception by the Tigers. Just a knee or 2 away from victory. Great game by both teams. Beechwood just had a little more on offense.
  6. 1:21 left Beechwood about to punt it back to Cobin still 20-14. Corbin has 1 timeout left I believe.
  7. 20-14 Tigers. After a run by Corbin QB to the 7 he throws a TD to put some pressure on the Tigers.
  8. 4:04 left in the game. Corbin at Beechwood’s 25. They are driving but it’s taking up a lot of time.
  9. 20-7 Tiger on another Grahman FG. Had it first and goal at the 4 but couldn’t get any any going after that.
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