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  1. Ryle 21 CCH 17 I believe Ryle is the #2 ranked team in Northern Ky and I think they will find a way to win. If weather is a factor Ryle can go to the big back formation and they are tough to stop when they do that. Savage is a beast with the ball and tough to stop.
  2. Ryle Madison Central Lex Cath Freddie D Bethlehem
  3. Interesting that Murray only moved up a spot or 2 with that big of a win. I feel like this is very close to being right Mayfield has shown they are right near the top 2 but had a hiccup. I believe they will still win through to meet Beechwood in the Semi-Final. A matchup I have been looking forward to quite sometime.
  4. Beechwood should put a running clock on NCC but I’m just not sure if they will pull everyone out prior to the running clock to make sure no one gets hurt.
  5. I don’t want to jinx anything!!! Superstitious much!!!!!!!!
  6. I believe it’s the first year since the RPI that Beechwood will get the opportunity to host a Semi-Final as long as they keep winning.
  7. Newport Wildcats travel to Ft.Mitchell tonight for Beechwood's homecoming game! Newport is looking to get their second win in the district and hope to try and force a tie for the second seed with the winner of the Lloyd/Holy Cross game. Beechwood comes in as an overwhelming favorite and has dominated their 2 games within the district. Who wins this game? Can Newport figure out how to contain Cam Hergott which no one has been able to do yet?
  8. I’ll take Xavier Campbell. The kid is a sophomore and is a beast. He has I believe 10 sacks this year and is close to leading all of Ky in that category.
  9. I picked Holy Cross as I was very impressed how they handled Newport who the week before beat Lloyd. Should be a good game. If Holy Cross wins this they would have earned the 2 seed in the district. If Lloyd wins it will be a 3 way tie for the 2 seed.
  10. I think Conner pulls the upset if Cov Cath can’t find some kind of passing attack.
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