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  1. I don’t think Britt leaves Western, because he has a ton of talent. I did hear from someone that Schoolers name is in the mix.
  2. The Louisville Butler job is now open. Coach G stepped down yesterday.
  3. Louisville Prospects boys basketball team is currently looking for 1 player in the 2024 class15u, and 2 players for the 2022 class 17u. Looking for players with size to fill the open positions. If interested send an email to louprospectsfoundation@gmail.com
  4. Brandon Moore former assistant at Trinity and has coached many years on the travel circuit is applying for the job. He would be a good fit for the job. Let’s see if JCPS will stop recycling coaches and will hire some fresh blood.
  5. Colts might struggle a bit to start the season, because they lost most of their defensive line. The good thing is most of the new starters played quite a bit last year. The Colts will be ready for another deep playoff run come the end of October.
  6. Five teams could easily win the 6th region. 1. Fern Creek 2. Butler 3. J-Town 4. PRP 5. DeSales
  7. Western is a very tough job. King had success his first year, and then struggled to get players to come out the next two. It also doesn’t help that they moved up to 5A. A move to 3A would’ve would’ve made more sense. Good luck to whoever gets the job.
  8. 6th region should be fun to watch this year. Bullitt East, Butler, DeSales, Fern Creek, Fairdale, JTown, and Western have some real good talent, and they are all well coached. I would put Bullitt East at the top of the region right now, especially after what they did to Scott County.
  9. DeSales 53 Trinity 52. Huge win for the coach and coach Anderson!
  10. It would be great to see a series with DeSales and Belfry on a neutral field maybe at EKU. Both schools fans will travel for the game, and I think it could become a great rivalry. Next year is the last for StX and Paducah Tilghman on the DeSales schedule. Belfry could take the place of either.
  11. I do think he’s in, but with his back turned you never see where the ball is. The players head and shoulders only get it. My biggest problem is that a hold and block in the back wasn’t called on the 2pt conversion. I was standing right at the fence by the end zone. #9 for Belfry wrapped his arms around the waist of #16 for DeSales. Then pushed him in his back as he passed. At the end of the day it wasn’t called and DeSales unfortunately lost. I think it’s time to move on, and look forward to them playing again next year.
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