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  1. Here we go... November 6, 2020 Dear JCPS Families: Jefferson County remains in the “red” category due to the number of COVID-19 cases in our area, meaning there are at least 25 cases per 100,000 people. This is the highest level of COVID-19 categories determined by the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Department of Public Health. State guidance advises district leaders to review the data to make a decision about sports for the upcoming week. After reviewing this week’s data and guidelines established by the state, the following determinations have been made: JCPS football teams will be allowed to compete in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) state playoffs next week, as we have let other teams participate in postseason play. Those games are under the jurisdiction of KHSAA. All teams will follow strict protocols throughout the weeks ahead. No JCPS district football games will be played this evening or this weekend. All winter sports can practice in small groups. No game-like simulations can take place during practice. A review of the data will take place on Thursday evening and JCPS will make another determination about athletics next Friday morning. JCPS has an obligation to follow the guidance and direction from state leaders and health officials. It is our hope that we can resume full practices very soon. Sincerely, Jefferson County Public Schools
  2. Hopefully things will turn around soon and we can get back to it. Seems unlikely though.
  3. The old adage of "its hard to beat a team 3 times" holds true. Should be a good game. Truth is though with Flemming in the game Male isn't the same team they were the first two times they have met. I see the Dawgs moving on.
  4. Male Izayah Cummings-UK Blake Gossett-Georgetown Cody Rakestraw-Georgetown Ray Hall-Georgetown Chris Mahlala-Georgetown Butler--Chaz Burke Austin Pea Fern Creek Cidney Mills-Lindsey Wilson Mike Josiah-Lindenwood
  5. So sorry to hear about this. Prayers up from Louisville.
  6. Tyren had 31 and Jaden Rogers for Fern Creek had 26. Both young men looked very impressive. Not afraid to take just about any shot.
  7. Male serves breakfast to the boys and their families then invites alumni to practice. Great times!
  8. Tough question both have a couple of good athletes Watkins/Burke for Butler and Farmer/Minkins for Ballard. Better is a little subjective because I have seen good and bad from both teams. I would say I think Ballard is the most dangerous because of their ability to run the ball and control the line of scrimmage (especially in their game against CAL.
  9. Bross 19 carries for 139 yds and 3 Td. Parrish threw for 366. Cummings 5 catches for 153 and a TD. Rodgers 9 catches 154 yds and Td. On Defense Brown stood out with 4 sacks.
  10. Bross 19 carries for 139 yds and 3 Td. Parrish threw for 366. Cummings 5 catches for 153 and a TD. Rodgers 9 catches 154 yds and Td. On Defense Brown stood out with 4 sacks.
  11. 609 yards of total offense, 41 points after halftime. Gave up 3 big plays to their best player in 1st half, made some adjustments and played him well in the 2nd. Ask any questions you have—we will do our best.
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