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  1. Certainly lots of moving pieces over the next few years it sounds like.
  2. Same. Will probably check it out, eventually.
  3. That's a fair enough assessment for Perry on your end, I've really got nothing to go off of. On the other side, hard to pass on a kid that's gonna break records in Kentucky at the high school level. Even harder to watch him go to Tennessee or Louisville and average double figures if his game does transition well into college.
  4. I would imagine that a player could opt out if they wanted. Or the school could say this is part of your requirements to be a part of the program. Honestly with NIL, it would be silly to hold out, this just helps to get names out there. Perhaps potential NIL deals get struck as a result of this game and players being seen in it. That WILL happen. As for compensation, seems like you could go cash only or maybe console and game access. Tell the players as long as they maintain the same account the have a lifetime subscription to Playstation network or Xbox live etc.
  5. Definitely a tough day for Ravens fans. Always liked Siragusa, gone way too soon.
  6. Absolutely worth the wait! Might go back and see it again next week. Also, despite seeing a lot of top gun t shirts there. I had someone ask if they could stop and take a picture of mine, apparently her son was a pilot. Great crowd, theater was sold out.
  7. Not sure you truly can. The population is too large to keep tabs on everyone effectively. Covid certainly didn’t help, it made it the norm for people to isolate themselves. Then some of these folks also began obsessing on 24 hour news cycles, social media etc. Sadly, IMO, the fall out from the past two years of Covid will last for years, perhaps decades at the psychological level. Obviously this started well before Covid but I think it’s only getting worse because of it all. Also think a portion of it falls on parenting. The amount of parents out there that don’t have a clue about parenting is alarming. When you have parents calling the police regularly because their child doesn’t want to go to school, or arguing with teachers or doctors over their child’s mental health and choices. That’s alarming. Truth be told there are a lot of factors at play.
  8. Yeah this entire move by Russia has seemingly backfired terribly. They've lost a great deal of military personnel and managed to let the world see their weaknesses. All while also pushing Finland and Sweden to join NATO.
  9. Hopefully you see this soon and get to ne the one to tell your dad.
  10. Yup, that does make a lot more sense of the recent hype. Still a lot different than in game situations but I get it.
  11. Anyone know where all of the new hype for Kentucky's Will Levis is coming from? I know he's got good size and speed for a QB and I like him as UK'S quarterback. But with that said, I'm suddenly seeing articles all over the place talking about him being a top 5-10 draft pick. Apparently CBS just released an article that had Levis going #1 overall. He was ranked 47th this past year in passing yards with 2'826. His passer rating was good but not great. So where do think this is all coming from? Has he made huge improvements since last season? What gives?
  12. Not the greatest ending in my opinion. I was hoping for some finality and it was just more of the same. I recognize that could be the writers intent but I didn't care for it.
  13. Unless youre that guy that ALWAYS does the long shots. Could've done that for the last 40 years and came out ahead $120.00+ today. But yeah, I'm not a big gambler period. Never felt the risk was worth the reward.
  14. On the replay, it looked like he moved up from about 13th or 14th place on that last leg of the race to win.
  15. Just wild how much ground that horse made up on the last straight away. Never seen a race end like that before.
  16. Crazy race this year. A lot of long shot betters just got PAID.
  17. While true on NKY not being far from Richmond, it would pull in a lot of folks from Ohio and Indiana.
  18. Not sure how they're getting the weapons to them. But there is no question at all that the US responds if they're attacked.
  19. That's kinda where I'm at. I will definitely check it out but I'm not counting down the days til it's arrival.
  20. As much as I wouldn't mind Jay Wright as head coach. He would be 61 going into the gig. And I know you aren't being 100% serious. But what I'm getting at, is I would hope UK's next coach is proven, but not old enough that they're already in the Hall of Fame for coaching. Any ways. Congrats to coach Wright, his teams were always fun to watch in my opinion.
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