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  1. I think if you're including those two schools from the 9th, then Newport and Beechwood need to be mentioned as well.
  2. I notice a TON of underclassmen on that list. I like seeing that. Shows NKY is in good hands for years to come. I live in the Louisville area and I love watching the NKY teams play every year.
  3. I will be in Campbell County to watch the Camels and Colonels go at it. I hope it is competitive for at least a half.
  4. Loaded baked potato and corn on the cob. Mac and cheese is a close 3rd.
  5. Loaded baked potato add spaghetti and hot dog with a Mountain Dew to drink.
  6. Harrison County by 2 touchdowns. Giving Coach Graham extended time to prepare is bad news for the opponent.
  7. I will be at Boone County watching Holmes take on the Rebels.
  8. I agree with Voice of Reason with the Top 5: 1. Cov Cath 2. Simon Kenton 3. Highlands 4. Ryle 5. Cooper CCH has something to prove after letting their perfect season fall short in the finals.
  9. I know last year was a "get it done by committee" type of year. How will they fare this year? (Used to be in the Louisville area around Shelbyville a lot of Fridays.)
  10. Maybe slightly was the wrong word...but the pitching stats definitely help. I know Logan doesn't pitch so that hurts him in this race a bit. Hacker's pitching statistics are just hard to overlook. Hopefully both teams can keep winning until the finals and match-up with each other. That sure would be something.
  11. As the season continues on, my pick for Mr. Baseball is AJ Hacker. Castleman has better batting numbers (slightly) but Hacker's pitching numbers give him the edge. He has been nothing short of incredible over the last month or so.
  12. What are your rankings (1-16) for all of the teams left in the state tournament?
  13. This should be a good one. Highlands is entering their 6th consecutive 9th region championship game. That is mighty impressive. Also, both teams have squared off in the 9th region tournament the past 3 years (Highlands winning all 3).
  14. Looks like Chad Kelly got invited as well, should be a fun weekend out on the town!
  15. I thought the same thing. However, it looks like he has been working out on a pretty consistent basis and he does look pretty lean and in shape. I am shocked to say the least. The whole favor thing comes to mind for me as well, I just simply cannot see a team reaching out giving the playing experience under his belt. This kid may be at the top of the list with chances received and thrown away and received again. Curious to see what he does with this chance.
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