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  1. I am curious what the worst combined record is between two teams in a state title game. I don’t expect both teams being 8-6 in this game to be the record but I’ve always wondered if two teams made the same Cinderella run to make it to December?
  2. Beechwood stop on 4th. Mayfield punt. Bad snap and disaster avoided. Tigers ball on Mayfield 40.
  3. I remember he had that team back in ‘08 I want to say? Won 20+ games. Seemed like a great guy any time I listened to his postgame comments or saw him out at the local watering hole. Hope he’s doing well.
  4. Oh, come on. You know I have the utmost respect for Coach Rash. Both coaches are legends in their own right. Mayfield is just the monkey Rash hasn’t been able to get off his back. I don’t have a dog in the fight and am excited to get down to Fort Mitchell to watch this. Will you be making the trip as well? I don’t think I’ve seen you at the same game as me since that Dunbar/Lafayette playoff game in 2015.
  5. I didn’t make it down to Mayfield this year 😔. However, I watched a couple games and if they can get their running game going, like last week, they should be able to control the game. Maybe a turnover or two as well 😉
  6. It’s been a while, Hector! Good to hear from you again. Certainly won’t be surprised at a Beechwood victory but a 28 point blow it would surprise me. I think Mayfield will try to control the clock.
  7. This is a game where one or two turnovers can shift the entire game and let one team stay in the lead till the end. Beechwood hasn’t been tested in a couple months and I look for that to contribute to a slow start. Mayfield will be amped and ready for the battle. Cardinals 23 Tigers 21.
  8. Coach French should be coach of the year in 2A but LCA names the score. Excited to see the Eagles next week in Lexington.
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