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  1. B1G has reportedly told Oregon and Washington they are done for now, pending a change in Notre Dame situation.
  2. Joking aside, would you prefer SEC or B1G if Cards were to relocate?
  3. Any chance of some ACC schools jumping to B1G and screwing all of this up?
  4. This, in my opinion, will accelerate the move to expanded playoffs.
  5. Rece Davis just said B1G isn't done, looking to add more. Clemson, UNC, Miami, Notre Dame are all possible targets. Washington and Oregon also mentioned.
  6. Multiple reports saying it's nearly a done deal, possibly in two years.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/usc-ucla-planning-to-leave-pac-12-for-big-ten-in-2024-with-announcement-imminent/ Big Ten presidents and athletic directors met Wednesday night to discuss adding USC and UCLA to the league, according to The Athletic. Another major shift in College athletics if this comes to pass. This will almost completely gut the PAC 12 and is a major grab by the B1G.
  8. Went with my wife and daughter to see this tonight. My wife and I both grew up listening to Elvis music played by our parent. We were both old enough to know how big a star he was when he died. We really enjoyed the movie, daughter nearly fell asleep. 😆 The movie starts kinda slow, but when it hits it stride (around the 1968 NBC special) we loved it. It touches on his problems, but the focus is his relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker. The actor playing Elvis does a really good job. He sings on every song but one I think, in some his voice was blended with Elvis' voice but you can't tell where one starts and the other stops. Buy a large popcorn, it is over 2 and 1/2 hours long. If you like Elvis or his music, I think you will enjoy this movie.
  9. I read that the payout per school is from $10,000 to $100,000. The NFL (league) got $300,000,000 from Madden to not allow another official developer to make a game. Around 1700 NFL players make around $18,000 each from Madden. There are well over 20,000 FBS and FCS college football players. No way EA is giving them $18K each. How long until a player holds out because he thinks he deserves more than everyone else? All that said, I can't wait for it to come out.
  10. You are probably right the more that I think about it. While the NCAA has zero control over D1 Football (outside of eligibility issues), they still control every other sport.
  11. I look for the power 5 to break away at some point...nil and NCAA could force their hand.
  12. I don't see how if they are allowed NIL deals that anyone can limit it to just 1 deal or 2 deals or 10 deals.
  13. I don't know legally how they can limit it. Unfortunately we are going to see a lot of bad things happen to kids. With money will come even higher expectations from the paying boosters on both the coaches and players. I can see some players finding themselves in bad situations, making bad decisions. There will be some cases where taxes aren't handled correctly and the players will be left holding the bag. I see another major gambling scandal in the future of college sports...money of these levels will draw some seedy people seeking to cash in for themselves.
  14. It's intent was never for recruiting. But anyone that did see what's happening now in recruiting coming was just blind or naive. I said, maybe even on here years ago, that with NIL Coaches would have to come with sponsorship dollars in place to recruit kids. This was always going to happen. I'm not sure how it can even be controlled at this point.
  15. Supreme Court voted 9-0 that kids can earn money, NIL rules may change some...but it ain't going away.
  16. Just finished it, I think they did a really good job with it and I hope there is another season of it.
  17. I didn't realize he had an HBO show until he hosted KSR a couple of weeks ago. His first guest was Stephen A, but the star of the first episode is the last 10 minutes or so spent on Coach K's retirement...pure gold! Looking forward to watch the rest of the series now.
  18. I've read that some of those roads that have been washed out, may be nearly impossible to rebuild. Damage already thought to be in the billions of dollars and financial impact could take decades to overcome. As bad as it is for the park and tourist, the people that live there are the real losers.
  19. I didn't watch the entire game, when I turned it on in the 3rd the Celtics got every call and non-call for about 10 minutes.
  20. Congrats to Steph and the Warriors.
  21. Refs doing their best to get the Celtics back in this game. NBA and ESPN must REALLY want a game 7!!! Warriors may hold on tonight, but they sure aren't getting any calls.
  22. No. Aikmen wasn't great in any way.
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