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  1. I think the portal is going to be VERY popular for the foreseeable future because of how restrictive the transfer rules have traditionally been. I do think eventually it will be less popular as programs adjust.
  2. So the freshmen he obviously recruited, which is not a good thing. What about the other guys?
  3. Life is about choices. Nobody is entitled to any job.
  4. Everyone has a choice whether or not to take the vaccine.
  5. Good luck winning that lawsuit.
  6. Cal has said he doesn’t want to coach after UK and I actually believe him.
  7. People on social media have also brought up Brad Stephens... My response to that is the same as it is when UK fans have brought it up; why would he leave Boston for IU?
  8. I don't see any possibility of IU hiring Pitino.
  9. I agree. I think he genuinely cares about his players more than the others. Not that the others don't, I just don't think they care like he does, and they certainly don't know how to portray that the way he does.
  10. I don't want anybody kicked out if Miami is ranked behind them...
  11. That's fine. Is the military different?
  12. Again, it's no different than any other requirement every job has for employment. You have to take several vaccines to join the military, is that an issue too?
  13. They aren't forcing you... You have a choice to make.
  14. No different than having to pass a drug test.
  15. If they are better than a 14-16 mid major team that gets in because they won their tourney, absolutely.
  16. If we get rid of the selection committee, I can concede the automatic qualifiers.
  17. I binged the whole thing yesterday. There definitely isn't as much drama, but it is still good. I agree about Coach Mosely, he's the "best" coach in the series so far. @brown4I felt the same way about Joe for most of the series, but he came around for me. Definitely agree on Deshaun.
  18. Mid-majors do absolutely nothing for me. At all. I guess that is the difference in opinion. I couldn't care less about a mid-major getting into the NCAA tournament. Games are plenty exciting without that, for me.
  19. "Adjust as needed" doesn't mean consider a game here or a game there... It means including different metrics in the formula to rank the teams accordingly. There is zero reason to use a selection committee when any data you'd ever need to figure out who the best teams are is available. There will always be bias, there will always be human influence. It's unnecessary.
  20. We can start with the RPI and adjust it as needed to include appropriate data that may not be currently included. Why does it matter who enters the data? You can use the official statistics that the NCAA records.
  21. I get that mid-majors getting in a is a feel good story for many, but it doesn't make the tournament any better most years. If mid-majors want to get in, schedule better opponents where you can. Do we want the best 68 teams in, or do we want a feel good basketball tournament?
  22. I don't take Gonzaga anymore. 😂
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