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  1. Why would you call in the football coach to talk about what's going on with the basketball program? That only makes it worse.
  2. And you won’t be forced to get a vaccine.
  3. It won't. You'll always have a choice to work somewhere or not.
  4. Have you ever been forced to work somewhere you didn't want to?
  5. I think any entity has the right set the requirements for employment, assuming they are legal.
  6. Get the vaccine or find another job.
  7. You sign employee handbooks and amendments every year at most places.
  8. They aren't forcing you to do anything. They are giving you a choice.
  9. That can't happen even if it doesn't get back to the current players on the team. What kind of picture does that paint for an incoming recruit that a coach is willing to bash his current players?
  10. I'm pretty confident in saying Brannen isn't coming to Louisville.
  11. Not sure how I feel about that considering what we've been discussing with UC.
  12. Luke Murray and Dino Gaudio contracts will not be renewed.
  13. No way he can keep his job at this point.
  14. I'm watching my guy James Spann on ABC 33/40 this afternoon/evening.
  15. That can still happen in a computer ranking scenario. If we include auto qualifiers that's one way, and the other is for schools to schedule tougher opponents out of conference.
  16. It definitely looks lighter in that second picture.
  17. I understand the Cinderella appeal, but it just doesn't do much for me. We still have plenty of exciting games and upsets without having to let team number 103 into the tournament because they won their conference.
  18. Are they in the top 68 of the RPI (as an example)? If so, yes.
  19. I guess it depends on what the tournament is supposed to be to an individual. For some, it's supposed to be the best teams, for others it's supposed to be an everyone gets a shot regardless of what they do in the regular season.
  20. Great example of kids being soft. 😂
  21. Who said it was only for Power 5 conferences?
  22. She probably doesn't even know people can see that. Twitter is not for everyone.
  23. Agreed, the portal is not the issue here. While I do believe that some younger folks are a bit on the soft side, every single generation has said that about the generation that followed them. Every single one. Wanting to transfer to find a better situation does not automatically make someone soft, in my book.
  24. I'll never understand those who are against the one free transfer rule. Coaches can move around at will, but the players aren't supposed to? It makes no sense. Yes it's going to seem like a lot initially, but it will settle down and not seem as dramatic. Players should be able to leave a program and play immediately somewhere else, if the NCAA truly wants to be about the well being of the athletes.
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