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    But seriously, Hawaii is on my list. Look forward to travelling there one day, specifically to see an active volcano, hopefully.
  2. TheDeuce


    I'm here for the information on the Triple D's.
  3. This might be the best looking one in the group...
  4. They do shoot a lot, but I didn't see any yesterday that I would have considered bad shots. Some people say really deep ones are bad shots, but I disagree. If a player can hit an NBA range three, it's not a bad shot.
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say if Highlands shoots 66% from three they are going to be a tough out. 😂
  6. Thank goodness some here aren't in charge of hiring ANYBODY. 😂
  7. Finally got a chance to check this out. Coach Sphire’s enthusiasm is incredible and I imagine it has been very contagious around the football program. Hard not to be very excited about Highlands Football after watching this.
  8. How low will the ratings be? Or do we think they will be good since we didn't have a Final Four last year?
  9. Tournament would have been just as good with a computer, if not better. 😂
  10. They did for a while, I’m not sure about now. That wasn’t the “dumb” I was referring to. More of them paying him $9 million per, and actually calling it a lifetime contract... Could potentially put them in a “tough spot” financially whenever Cal is gone and they are negotiating with the next guy, but I doubt it will.
  11. I said earlier in the year Ballard’s lack of games wouldn’t matter if they were really good... Well...
  12. I don’t think he ends up at Louisville. It’s a risky hire for Mack, one that I’m not sure Tyra would sign off on.
  13. If things are this bad in Cincy, I would be extremely surprised if Brannen lands in Louisville. It's already been discussed around here a bit, and it's not something that is wanted, from my perspective.
  14. Cal is not going to Texas.
  15. Although Texas could probably pay him what he wants, zero percent chance.
  16. If you want to watch ongoing coverage from Alabama, check out ABC 33/40's Facebook page, their live stream will be up all day.
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